monday march, 31 today was dr. sadiq’s last day to take care of me for awhile.  he has to go to another hospital in april to help other sick kids.  i am really sad that he is leaving but he said he is at the hospital all the time and would make sure that i [ Continue Reading ... ]


sunday march, 30 daddy came in to see me early this morning while he was at the hospital helping other sick kids.  he told me i needed to be his good luck charm today for his jayhawks.  he found the perfect jayhawk colored ribbon in my box of ribbons and put it in my hair.  [ Continue Reading ... ]


saturday march, 29 mommy and daddy came to visit me all day today.  i knew i would make them proud when they heard that i was 2 lbs 11 oz (1205 grams).  unborn babies in the 50th percentile at my age (31 1/2 weeks) weigh about 3 lbs 5 oz so i still have some [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday march, 28 yes, i graduated.  no…not kindergarten quite yet.  i have graduated to bigger diapers…everyone clap please.    my old diapers were a little too tight for my midsection.  they would be tight for you too if you were my size and getting fed all day long!  i gained 35 grams since wednesday night [ Continue Reading ... ]

Adali3-25Tuesday 017

thursday march, 27 today i did not gain any weight so i am still 2 lbs. 8 oz.  dr. sadiq increased my food to 10 cc's per hour hoping that when i get weighed tonight that i will have gained.  he also put me back on the human milk fortifier instead of the powdered formula.  [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday march, 26 every morning when mommy comes in she always asks the nurse how much i weighed overnight.  she was so excited when she found out yesterday morning that i weighed 2 lbs. 7 oz.  i gained 3 whole ounces in one day.  dr. sadiq told mommy to expect for me to weigh less [ Continue Reading ... ]