saturday march 8-

mommie’s first look at me.


just born. a few minutes old on the way to nicu. tom keeps a watchful eye on me, pretending to be part of the nicu team!


one hour old and all hooked up. 1 pound 15 ounces and feisty. nurse tammy (who said i was beautiful and that God had made me especially just for my mommy and my daddy) and my doctor worked together and measured me at 13.5 inches long and recorded my footprints. they had to put me on a ventilator to help me breath.

so many friends and family came to see me including my four week old cousin beale!


my grandpa charlie watches over me!

thumbs up from aunt lindsey, uncle sari, and aunt micala.

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  1. Stacia Semple says:

    Jastin and Jamie,
    How beautiful!! I wanted to send a note of congratulations to the both of you! All three of you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish nothing but the best.

    P.S.- Aunt Lindsey is pretty proud of her new little niece! But then again, how could she not be.

    Keep Smiling and stay strong,

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