thursday march 20-

mommy and daddy are so proud of how i have done the past few days.  i remember to breathe more and more on my own and they haven’t had to use that silly little bag to help me breathe.  because they are feeding me more i am growing each day.  mommy always likes to comment on my chubby cheeks.  she loves them so much.  i heard dr. sadiq say that i was 2 lbs. and 1 oz this morning.  i’m such a beefcake!  yesterday mommy got to hold me.  that is our favorite time of the day.  her and daddy kept laughing because i was "pooting" air on them when i was breathing.  i was so comfy, i couldn’t help it.  before daddy left last night he promised that he would get to hold me today.  i am really excited about that because he hasn’t gotten to hold me in awhile.  he told me that kansas plays today so mommy said she would keep me updated on how they were doing.  we will try and post again later today after we watch the game.  for now, i’m going to chill with my duck blankie.



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  1. Susan Lebovitz says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful updates. I love seeing her progress. Sana, Todd, Jastin…. you all have such a special place in our hearts; Jamie, I wish I truly knew you! Adali is growing beautifully—:)…..the power of positive thinking, thoughts, prayers, love……Susan L.

  2. Waymon and Dianne says:

    We are so happy that Adali is a KU fan. She looks so cute with her duck blankie and she is starting to look a little chubby too. We cannot wait to see her in person…….! We love the blog…Adali has a fantastic vocabulary and what a personality….! Love you guys….Jamie …hope to meet you soon…..The Hunnicutt’s–the old ones…..Dianne and Waymon

  3. Erin, Brian, and Avery says:

    Adali is getting so very pretty!!! She is going to be just like her Mommy (sorry Jastin!). The Geary family wishes your new family a very blessed and happy Easter! We continue our prayers and can’t wait to visit again soon–although, we might have to bring Adali a University of Georgia shirt…

  4. Robert J. Noles says:

    I wanna duck blankie! So cuuuuuuuute!

    Keep it up Adali!

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