saturday, march 22

yesterday i still weighed 2 lb 1 oz.  that is 3 days in a row and dr. sadiq told mommy that i should be gaining 1 oz per day at this point.  they are now feeding me 7 cc’s per hour and they will go up a little higher if they need to.  yesterday they had to stop adding the human growth fortifier to the milk i get because the hospital had found bacteria in the product they were using.  they wanted to be careful and decided to stop it for now.  the fortifier was giving me extra calories but if they still think i need more calories they will try adding some powdered formula to my milk.  yesterday was a very good day because i got to do cuddle care with both mommy and daddy.  when mommy was holding me i got the hiccups so she gave me my pacifier.  it’s still a little big for me but i like it a lot.

Adali_pacifer_3 hanging out with daddy, i sneezed 5 times. i think it might be his hairy chest.  ;)   the doctors say cuddle care is the very best medicine for me. i need it everyday. Jastin_chest Hands_3

i did so well holding my heart rate, oxygen and temperature when mommy and daddy were holding me, that i got sooo tired last night. i started having a little bit of trouble keeping my heart rate and remembering to breathe but it was so worth being able to spend time with mommy and daddy that i didn’t mind the nurses nudging me to remind me to breathe.

love ~adali

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  1. Michelle, Addi and Justin says:

    Baby Adali,
    Addi LOVES looking at your pictures and your cute duckie blanket. She also wants to remind you that the Easter Bunny comes tomorrow with CANDY (can’t leave that part out)! Unfortunately she knows you can’t have candy…but she also knows that Cuddle Time is 10 times better than candy :) Wishing you the sweetest of cuddle time on Easter!
    Happy Easter, Antisdels!!
    Love, The Sweeneys!

  2. John, Patty, Kyle, Michael, Kelly and Clare McHugh says:

    Happy first Easter baby Adali! We are so glad to hear you are growing and getting a little stronger each day. May God bless you this Easter morning with wishes from Colorado! Jastin and Jamie, happy Easter and please know our thoughts and prayers are always with you guys. She looks great! Hang in there guys!!!!!
    Love, The McHughs

  3. Joy Hopkins says:

    She is just too cute for words!

  4. Bob and Paula Nauman says:

    Adali is so beautiful!! It is wonderful to watch her progress, she is growing stronger every day. Please know that you are all three in our prayers and we can’t wait until she can make her first trip to Kansas so we can meet her. Take care and know that you are surrounded with our love and prayers!!

  5. aubrey willow szepesi says:

    hi. my name is brooklyn. i am aubrey willow szepesi’s daughter. she has another daughter named Carson and a future daughter named joselyn. and mom shows us pics of baby adali. she’s too too too cute. she must come from the planet of too much cuteness. i love her.

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