sunday march, 30

daddy came in to see me early this morning while he was at the hospital helping other sick kids.  he told me i needed to be his good luck charm today for his jayhawks.  he found the perfect jayhawk colored ribbon in my box of ribbons and put it in my hair.  mommy knew as soon as she saw me that daddy had already been to visit.  my ribbon made her laugh really hard.


Picture_0171 daddy made mommy take another picture of the end of the game so he could come back and show me that i really am his good luck charm.

Picture_004_3 you like my outfit?  my uncle charlie and aunt stacy gave it to me.  it’s pretty neat because it’s made especially for all my wires while i am in the nicu.

today i weighed 2 lbs 12 oz.  i am only 2 days away from my first try at taking a bottle.  dr. sadiq ( i like to call him mr. pushy) always thinks about letting me try earlier than when i’m 32 weeks but then he decides to let me get bigger over the next few days and then we will try it.  i think i’m ready.  i did really well with my pacifier today.  grandpa charlie told me that my adopted aunt kathleen in NY would be so proud of me.  i told him that i’m trying really hard for everyone so that i can get out of here and meet all of the amazing people that have been thinking about me and praying for me.  i am the luckiest little girl in the world.

love, ~adali   

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  1. Michelle says:

    Baby Adali, You keep on bringing the good luck for KU. I am, like your mommy, an Illinois fan but they didn’t bring their game.

    Your doing so well keep it up baby girl!!

    Jamie and Jastin,
    I have been keeping you in my thoughts, and I look everyday to see how Adali is keeping up. I am so happy for you that she is doing so well!!


  2. Patty McHugh says:

    Gotta love the pink camo – and the blue bow – Funny -made me laugh as well. She looks soooooo good!! I am so happy for you guys. Good luck with the first feeding! I will keep my prayers going for her, and of course, for you guys for your continued strength to endure the remainder of this (as I know to well what seems forever) long journey home!
    Love, Patty

  3. Angie Lark says:


    I’ve been keeping track of you and that sweet little baby thru this adorable website. My prayers are with you all. Think she looks like a cheerleader, don’t you?!?!?
    Take Care, Angie

  4. Oscar and I check Adali’s blog daily. We’re so happy to see her progress and hear your amazing story. Keep up your strength. Much love, Jenn and Oscar.

  5. Uncle Sari and Aunt Micala says:

    Rock Chalk Baby J-Hawk!! Wow, Adali you are getting so big! We visit your website everyday and are amazed by your progress. We love you and hope to visit you, mommy,and daddy soon!

    p.s. can you wear your ku bow on saturday for the big game? maybe daddy can show you how to wave the wheat on saturday night!

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