saturday march, 29

mommy and daddy came to visit me all day today.  i knew i would make them proud when they heard that i was 2 lbs 11 oz (1205 grams).  unborn babies in the 50th percentile at my age (31 1/2 weeks) weigh about 3 lbs 5 oz so i still have some catching up to do, i have always been in the 15th percentile.  this morning mommy asked dr. sadiq why i was breathing so fast lately.  he said that my carbon dioxide levels were good so he wasn’t concerned about it.  he told mommy and daddy that babies that are growth restricted have a higher metabolic rate and it is probably because they are giving me so much food, 11 cc’s per hour.  dr. sadiq and the residents also told mommy and daddy that i was big enough now to start wearing clothes.  mommy smiled so big when they said this.  the nurse went and got this beautiful outfit for me to wear today.  i was really surprised daddy didn’t put a jayhawk onesie on me.  i told mommy to put my bow back in so that i would be a little fashionista today. 


mommy and daddy both got to do cuddle care with me today.  daddy was kind of tired today because he was on call last night so after he sang his songs to me, we both took a nap.  mommy was teaching me how to keep my pacifier in when she was holding me.  that way i can practice for when i get to take a bottle.  today was so much fun with them.  they have never gotten to hold me on the same day before.

Ada_saturday_3_29_2 Ada_mommy_sat_29_2


today i am 3 weeks old.  i know i have come a long way but i still have a long way to go with many more milestones to hit.  please pray that the upcoming weeks go as well for me as the past few weeks have. thank you so much for praying and thinking about me, it makes such a big difference!  and please also pray for mommy and daddy.  to give them the strength to continue through this journey with me. 

love, ~adali

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  1. sana antisdel says:

    i am going shopping right now!! love ga-ga

  2. Sherri Sweeney says:

    Dear Jastin & Jamie,
    I am so happy for Adali’s continued progress. She is just beautiful. Thank you for keeping us up on her progress. The girls and I check in and say a pray for you all each day.
    Go Kansas,
    With love,
    Sherri Sweeney

  3. Shawn Duncan says:

    God Bless you & your beautiful daughter.
    You and your family are in our thoughts & prayers.
    As a parent, my heart goes out to you and Adali, and know that your love and faith will prevail.
    Take care,
    Shawn & Rachel Duncan

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