friday march 14th
i’m sleeping a lot today under my warm monkey blanket that mommy holds close to her skin and brings to me so i can smell her scent next to me all the time.

i like to stretch when i wake up. and i dream too, i roll my eyes and jump when i dream about daddy being loud and funny.

this is my ga-ga antisdel’s first flower of spring blooming at her house, a beautiful yellow crocus. she says daddy always picked all the spring flowers the second they bloomed and brought them to her and the horses! i hope daddy brings some for me as soon as they bloom at our house.

today i had my brain ultrasound for bleeds so please pray they turn out just fine. they also took off all my oxygen tubing. so i pulled out my feeding tube too, but the nurses did not like that and put it back in my nose!
i am eating more and umm.. other things too, ask daddy! and all mommies grandparents are coming to see me today.


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