sunday march, 23

happy easter everyone!  i had the best first easter ever.  there were so many family and friends that stopped by to see me.  the easter bunny even found me.  :)   i lost the pink bow i had so grandma donna made me a bunch of new bows and mommy put one back in my hair today.  i feel like a princess again. 


Jumping_bunny_3  daddy was being goofy and hopped over to me and mommy to give me one of my easter baskets today.  he had to go to savannah, georgia today so please pray that he makes it back ok to see me on tuesday.

Easter_family_web ga-ga took our first family easter picture today.  she loves taking pictures of me.  she has all kinds of fun things planned for when i get bigger.   


i wanted to introduce all of you to dr. sadiq.  he is one of my best friends.  i always wake up and smile at him when he comes in my room because i like to hear how he thinks i’m doing.  he always comes in to tell mommy and daddy that "i’m doing great."  that makes me so happy because then i know i’m one more day closer to going home.  today he said that i weighed 2 lbs. 3 oz.  i didn’t quite gain an ounce yesterday so they upped my feedings a little bit more today.  hopefully tomorrow i gain more so i don’t have to get anything added to the milk they give me.  when i was doing cuddle care with mommy today i was awake almost the whole time.  she loves to talk to me and tell me what’s going on with her and daddy.  i’m so glad they love me so much.  i really hope all of you had as happy of an easter as i did.  until we chat again.


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  1. Joy Hopkins says:

    Happy Resurrection Day, little one!!!

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