one week old and look at me breathing all on my own. with just my feeding tube in and my eyes open, holding daddy’s hand of course!  -adali

adali now weighs 1lb 12.5 ounces. her lowest weight was 1lb 10 ounces. she is now up to 2cc of breast milk, digesting most of it plus additional sugars, our goal is to be on total breast milk in a few days.

and the best news for last!
we just got results back from the brain ultrasound. in a babies first week of life small blood vessels can rupture in the brain. Class 1 and 2 bleeds heal on their own but class 3 and above are not good. fortunately, adali has NO brain bleeds!!

we want to take the time to thank each of you that have kept us in your prayers. by your faithfulness and the grace of God, Adali has had an amazing first week of life. thank you.

we still need your prayers. pray for adali’s eyes, pray for her brain and heart and little body to grow.
she has little apneas (where she forgets to breath) and bradys (when her heart forgets to beat) both very common and they only last for a few seconds, but pray that it happens less and less until they go away. and a big one-pray for no infections.

jamie is starting to get around and feeling much better, pray for her continued healing. and pray for jastin’s strength as he cares for his new family. they are both great at loving and caring for each other and their new baby, pray for continued love and communication for them.

we love you all and thank you, with all that is within us, for being a huge part in adali’s life.


Love begins….

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  1. Mr. Billey says:

    You are in our Prayers!! Welcome to the world Adali!!

  2. We are so relieved and blessed that Adali is doing so well! Enjoy the journey and know that our church has been praying for you guys!

  3. Traci Chojnicki says:

    Congratulations Jastin and Jamie on little Adali Grace! This blog is such a beautiful way to document Adali’s journey as she begins her life. We are praying for you all!!

  4. Azadeh A says:

    I am sooo honored to have such a lovely family as my friends. I love you guys. You are in my prayers! Many hugs and kisses,

  5. Courtney Wood says:

    I think about all three of you everyday and send you many prayers and all the positive energy in the world. Thanks for keeping us updated through the blog. Congratulations again. Adali is your little miracle! XO

  6. Jason, Tracy, Gabby, and Coltin Johnson says:

    She is so beautiful. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  7. The Dovers says:

    What a beautiful little miracle! We can’t wait to meet Adali face-to-face. We hope you are taking care of yourselves too while you are taking care of Adali. We will be praying every day for Adali and Jamie to continue getting stronger and healthier!

  8. Rita B says:

    Jamie – We are holding you and your family up in prayer trusting Baby Adali will grow to respond strongly to the firm grips of her loving family (and eat you out of house and home :) Please Be encouraged!

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