friday, march 21

if any of you know my mommy and daddy you know that this is one of their favorite times of year.  it’s college basketball, march madness time.  mommy is an illinois fan and daddy is a kansas fan.  daddy hates that mommy doesn’t cheer for his team but i promised him that i would, especially since mommy’s team isn’t in the tournament this year.  mommy wanted to surprise him, so she brought one of her t-shirts and put it over me while the jayhawks played. 

Adalithursday320_004_2 it must have worked because they won big time!  mommy is just excited that right now she is beating daddy in their bracket competition.  :)   i get to do cuddle care with daddy now so i will talk to everyone later.-adali Adalithursday320_015_14 Adali is doing well but hasn’t gained weight the last few days so please pray that she will just start getting chubbier right now, with no complications! Jamie and Jastin keep their wedding picture in the incubator with her. But grandma antisdel is spending Easter weekend so look for some easter pictures of Adali in her Easter bonnet with her mommy and daddy!

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  1. Aunt Lindsey (Long Live the Chief) says:

    As much as I hate to see Adali wrapped with a Kansas shirt, it is good to know that she is loving March Madness as well! Pretty soon she will be kicking Jastin’s behind with her bracket by making Kansas take an early exit in the tourney like they always do :) Love you bro-in-law!

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