on wednesday march 12th mommy got to go home. she was very sick but is feeling much better now.
lexi, our dog, was so excited to see her.  daddy came home to show mommy his surprise for her – a new cradle for me all decorated up by my grandmas.

also, i got to go to on my first car ride, all the way to cardinal glennon. that is where daddy works so i can see him lots. it’s really close to my house so mommy can come over all the time too.


my breathing tube came out as soon as i got to my new room. that shook everyone up but i did just fine. dr. sadiq put me on a canula (nose thingy for oxygen) yeah!  i also got to be put in my own incubator, another big step in me growing up.  my dr. says i am doing incredibly well, i just need to grow and have all of you pray that i don’t get any infections.

i still am under the lights and i just love holding mom and dad’s fingers.


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