tuesday march 18-
morning report-no infections so far! adali did a bit better yesterday but still had some scary episodes that lasted longer than they should have. we threatened her that she wouldn’t get to wear her pretty pink bow anymore if she kept having episodes like that. she is motivated by the right things, because she seemed to listen. she tolerated her feedings well and even had a blow out diaper yesterday morning. we were so proud of her. Dr. Sadiq said that if she continued to tolerate her feedings they would stop her IV fluids today and if she did well today that they would take the IV that’s in her foot out on wednesday. as you can see on her little hand one less needle mark will be great! this would be another great step for Adali.


some pics of daddy and his doctor friend ron checking on me in between surgeries. wow daddy, what a hat! did you borrow uncle sari’s harley to drive to work!


ron just got back from a week in honduras where he helped all the poor and needy little children who needed a doctor so bad. daddy went there too and helped, last november._adali

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  1. Jennifer Beard says:

    Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby! We have you in our prayers.
    Grow strong Baby Adali, there are lots of people who want to meet you!

  2. J.D. Pohlman says:

    Congratulations, guys! You guys have been through a lot over the past few weeks, and know that you are all in our prayers. Adali, you are such a tough little baby. Keep getting stronger every day!

  3. Michelle, Addi and Justin says:

    She’s looks so perfect in this picture, even with the little baby bruise on her hand. All snuggled up on mommy’s chest. We’re VERY proud of you Miss Adali Antisdel.

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