sunday march 16-
everyone tells us it will be a roller coaster ride and there will be good and bad days. it’s just so hard to go through the bad ones.

adali had a rough day today. she has been having lot’s more apneas and today she needed help to start breathing again. she turned blue before she was breathing and it was really scary. jastin and jamie were with her.
she is now back on the canula that gives her some oxygen and forces a little air into her lungs. the dr. thought it may be the start of an infection but so far her bloodwork looks good.

pray that God will give us hope and faith as we walk this walk with adali. we need your prayers today..

Charllies_hands_web uncle tom’s hands cover me with love.

lots of my family and friends came to visit me this weekend. it was fun but now I need to rest.  good night for now.

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  1. sana antisdel says:

    some words of encouragement from friends and family-

    Todd and Sana, everything I want to say is so trite….but I know that your faith and belief in a higher design will help you and your extended family through this….
    …so my prayers will be for Adali’s full life to be blessed… starting as it is as an example of the indominable human spirit God has given us. I will light a candle, John Malloy, photographer friend from Topeka

    I’ll keep Adali in my prayers!! From what I read, with her being feisty and all, I think she’s going to pull through just fine!! Hope to see everyone soon! Sonya Findley, Jastin’s cousin.

    We just want you guys to know you are all in our thought and prayers. What a great way to share information! She is very precious and of course “squirmy”, we know Jastin never could sit still for a minute. (that’s a good sign) I know she’s a fighter! Glad Jamie got to come home and hope she’s doing well. Give Jastin a hug for me, I’m sure he could use a few from time to time. Love you guys, Anita & Mike Brown and family

    Congratulations grandma! Looked at the blog pics. Very tender.
    I will be praying for adali. Hal Linhardt

    Awww….I’m glad she is doing well. We are praying for her and the family.
    With love, Dana.
    The Holloman’s

    Thank you for sharing that with us! It took me a while to get through the whole thing cause I kept on crying! It sounds like she is doing well, we will keep on praying. Tressie and Jonathon Gilmore

    You have our prayers. I will pass this on to the rest of the H&H staff for additional support and prayers.
    Sharon Jegen

    Heather and I are so relieved and thrilled that Adali is doing well! It brings back memories for us and we are so blessed that God has taken care of your whole family! God is so Good!!!
    We love you guys so much, if there is anything we can do (besides pray!) call us!!!
    David and Heather Jones

    What a tiny thing!
    Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Fuzzy and Shirley Duenkel

    Thanks for sending the blog. Hil and I are praying!
    Don Lewis

    Thank you so much for taking the time to send us the uodate and link to Adali Grace’s blog. We just read it and are so appreciative of all the information. And, of course, we love your beautifully photographed chronology of her first week. Seeing Jamie’s pregnant picture and knowing that had such special significance with the uncertainty ahead.
    We have been and will be praying and are glad to have direction for specific prayer needs. I know the nurse was right about God creating Adali for Jamie and Jastin and I believe he has a plan for her life that is opening before us. We will share the link with others who are praying.
    John and I were talking earlier today, before I got your note. He said I just love Todd and Sana and the whole Antisdel family so much – I can hardly remember when they weren’t our family. So true.
    We send you our strength, our love, and our prayers. I can imagine how hard it must be. Wish we were nearer so we could offer help of some sort.
    Love, Lisa & John bondurant

    May the Lord be with you all in a mighty BIG way!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
    Your Friend, Carey Sowders

  2. Kelli Bishop says:

    Jastin and Jamie, Congratulations on your baby girl, Adali. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily. Adali is very lucky to have such a loving and supportive family. I am so glad you’ve given all of us a chance to be part of Adali’s life through this blog. I wish you the very best. May your roller coaster ride have many more “ups” than “downs.”

    Kelli Bishop

  3. Susan Lebovitz says:

    Jastin, Jamie, Sana, and Todd,

    Adali is adorable! Allen and I will think positive thoughts for her continued good health, strength,and perserverence as her little life begins. Last week in a seminar, the facilitator said if you think positive thoughts for 6 seconds,…they happen!!! I wish you ALL well. I will look forward to reading the blog and staying current on her news. Jastin and Jamie, you are fortunate to have so many loving hands and hearts to help you.

    Fondly, Susan Lebovitz

  4. John + Kristina says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys, all the way from Georgia. You’ve certainly no lack of friends, love, and family to help you through these times. You have a beautiful little girl!
    with love,
    Kristina and John

  5. Cate, Jess, and Log says:

    We’re really happy for you 3. Can’t wait to meet her!!!

  6. Waymon and Dianne says:

    Hi guys, so glad your Mom and Dad let us know about your blog. It is so sweet and Adali is a precious baby girl. We know she had a rough night but are praying that she does super tonight! We are lifting little Adali and you and Jamie up in our prayers. God has your family in his loving hands. Love ya….Dianne and Waymon

  7. Heather Jones says:

    Jastin & Jamie,

    How I can remember those roller coaster days…..she’s beautiful congratulations! Someday you will look back on these days and they will seem very distant and surreal…difficult to believe today, I know. We continue to pray for her and you both. She’ll have to meet Jack & Ethan someday…they can reminisce about their NICU days together.

  8. Doana Hook says:

    Thank you so much for sending this to us. She is so precious, what a beautiful gift your family has received! I know she will one day look at these photos and notes and smile that there was so much love surrounding her.
    Love, hugs and prayers for all, you know we will always be right behind you whenever you need us. Doana & Jim

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