monday march, 31

today was dr. sadiq’s last day to take care of me for awhile.  he has to go to another hospital in april to help other sick kids.  i am really sad that he is leaving but he said he is at the hospital all the time and would make sure that i am behaving.  he will be back in may to take care of me again so i better be on my best behavior until then.  dr. sadiq was getting antsy and instead of waiting until wednesday when i am 32 weeks to change my feedings, he did it today.  i used to get my food nonstop but now i get fed 36 cc’s every 3 hours.  this is a big step and because i did so well with it today, tomorrow i get to try taking a bottle.  mommy and i are so excited for this.  i know i will be great at it.  today i weighed 2lbs 14 oz, almost 1lb more than when i was born.

Picture_012_2_4 Picture_040_2 today was opening day for mommy’s favorite baseball team, the st. louis cardinals.  she put a pretty red bow in my hair and put my cardinals hat in my house with me.  she also put my cardinal booties on me to keep my little feet nice and warm.  the nurses love that mommy and daddy put a new bow in my hair every day. 

Picture_001_21 mommy got a kick out of my hand down my diaper when she was changing my outfit this morning.  she said that i must want to be just like my daddy.  i thought that was pretty funny.  what can i say, it’s comfy.

i know that my ga-ga and my ba-pa miss me because they are far away in kansas.  i just wanted to let them know that i love them lots and can’t wait to see them next time they come to visit me.


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  1. Joy Hopkins says:

    She is so cute I could cry!!! What a precious, sweet baby! You guys are BLESSED!

  2. Todd Antisdel says:

    Dear Adali,

    Ba pa and Ga ga do miss you very much! We can’t believe how fast you are growing and it has only been 7 days since we’ve seen you. Also , you looked very pretty in your Cardinal’s outfit!

    Ba-pa and Ga-ga

  3. Michelle, Addi and Justin says:

    You get prettier and prettier everyday, baby Adali. Mommy and Daddy said that as soon as mommy gets rid of her cold I get to come see you! I’m very excited about that. I talk about you all the time and I love looking at your pictures on mommy’s computer. I love you baby Adali. Keep getting strong!

    Over the weekend Addi had commented on seeing baby Adali and she said that she was going to bring her some “pink medicine” (the amoxicillin)…I thought that was too funny! Love you guys, we think about you often. Keep up the good work Adali!
    The Sweeneys

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