thursday march, 27

today i did not gain any weight so i am still 2 lbs. 8 oz.  dr. sadiq increased my food to 10 cc's per hour hoping that when i get weighed tonight that i will have gained.  he also put me back on the human milk fortifier instead of the powdered formula.  they tested the fortifier some more and didn't find any pathogens (i sound like my daddy!) so he thought that it would be better for me than the powdered formula.  i also get some caffeine in the morning to help stimulate me, kind of like the cup of coffee some of you have in the morning. besides the caffeine the only other medication i am on is iron and vitamin e. yeah! 

on tuesday ga-ga took another family picture of us.  the only thing missing is my doggy, lexi!

Adali3-25Tuesday 017
my aunt lindsey also came to visit me too.  she spoils mommy and me rotten.  she brought me all kinds of goodies for Easter.  my favorite thing was my princess towel.  she also brought my mommy her favorite cookies.  i tried to tell mommy that i would gain weight faster if she let me have some of her cookies.  i would have to fight ba-pa for them too, because every time i saw him he was eating a cookie.

Adali3-24Monday 012
the other night daddy noticed that my bow had fallen out.  he told mommy that he HAD to put it back in my hair before they left because he knew i would not sleep well without it.  he put it back in a little crooked which made mommy laugh but i was so happy to have it back in my hair.  i just love my bows so much.Ada!


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