tuesday april, 29 mommy and i haven’t written for a few days because they have been pretty rough.  saturday night was the first night i was being asked to take a bottle every 3 hours.  i did really well for the first 2 feedings but the last one i got tuckered out and dropped my [ Continue Reading ... ]


saturday april, 26 this may be the best conversation we have ever had together because i have so much to tell you and it’s all good news.    first, thursday was a much better day for me than wednesday.  i ate well and did really well with my oxygen.  in the morning i went down [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday april, 23 yesterday i had a great day.  because i did so well holding my temperature i got to advance to a big girl crib.  i only gained 5 grams yesterday, but up is better than down right?  i was 4 lbs 8 oz and on 21% oxygen with 1/2 liter of flow.  i [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday april, 21 yesterday i weighed 4 lbs 8 oz.  i started out on about 28% oxygen still with a 1/2 liter of flow.  in the morning my nurse simone (she’s my favorite) noticed that my heart tracing on the monitor looked a little funny.  she had dr. alhosni come in to see me and [ Continue Reading ... ]


saturday april, 19 it’s been a few days since i have talked to you so i will try and update you on what i have been up to.  mommy and i are now feeding 4 times a day and the other 4 i get from my tube.  she stays and does my 9 pm feeding [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday april, 16 after mommy tells me good morning and gives me a kiss every morning she always tells me what the weather is like.  today she told me it was beautiful outside.  all i can say is that it’s about time.  mommy learned that she needs to make my room bright during the day [ Continue Reading ... ]