wednesday april, 23

yesterday i had a great day.  because i did so well holding my temperature i got to advance to a big girl crib.  i only gained 5 grams yesterday, but up is better than down right?  i was 4 lbs 8 oz and on 21% oxygen with 1/2 liter of flow.  i ate really well all day long and mommy was sure i would gain weight today.  wellll, i ended up losing 45 grams or an ounce and a half.  daddy tried to tell mommy that it was most likely from weighing me on a new scale now that i am out of my bed but she was still a little sad.

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e5520de387883_2 i also decided to be a rebel today and not nurse very well.  i guess i’m just a weeee bit stubborn.  i like to do things my way.  hmmm, i wonder who i get that from?  ;)   i know this makes it hard on mommy but we all have those days don’t we?  i’m still on 21% oxygen with 1/2 liter of flow.  if i continue to do well with my oxygen tonight they will turn my flow down tomorrow.  here is a picture of me today in my new crib.  pretty nice eh…


daddy is getting ready to feed me a bottle so mommy can have a break tonight.  i am going to lay here and decide if i’m going to cooperate or not ;)  

love to all of my princess rebels. 


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  1. Anne Dureka says:

    Congrats on moving to a big girl bed:)

  2. Lily Grace says:

    Hi Adali,
    I’m so happy to hear that you are doing so well. I remember when they took the lid off my spaceship…mommy said it was time to “raise the roof.” She said a lot of silly things back then, because she wasn’t getting much sleep.
    We preemies aren’t that easy to feed, are we? It seemed like I was taking 2 ounce bottles forever. But now I am a big 1-year-old girl taking whole milk and shoving down birthday cake while wearing a tiara! I only weigh 16 1/2 pounds, but that’s OK because it’s never too early to maintain a girlish figure, right?
    Keep getting stronger and soon you’ll be under mommy and daddy’s roof – the best place to be.
    Love, Lily

  3. Joy Hopkins says:

    Yay for graduating to a big girl crib! In this crib you look bigger!!!

  4. Avery Geary says:

    Congrats Adali on getting a big girl crib!!! Someday you will be crawling out of it and being even more rebellious–yay on being a Princess Rebel! That is the best type of girl, right Addison? Maybe all the Princesses can help me teach my soon-to-be baby brother how to be as cool as we are. Hope to see you soon big girl!

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