friday april, 4

as you can see by my bright eyes below, i had a much better day today.  i slept a lot until this evening, but i perked right up when my nurse, suzanne, had to do my assessment.  i had just finished hanging out with mommy so i was in a good mood.  daddy and mommy love when i’m awake so i talked to them for a long time tonight.  when mommy was taking this picture of me i was asking daddy when he was going to start changing my diaper!?  my feeding with mommy went much better today than yesterday.  you have to remember that i am pretty little so i’m still learning how to eat without my tube.  it may be a couple weeks before i have it down really well.  but, no matter how i’m getting my food right now, i’m still gaining weight.  today i weighed 3 lbs 5 oz.  i have been gaining so much weight over the past few days that mommy is concerned that some of it might be water and not true weight gain.  because of this, dr. alhosni decided to draw some labs in the morning to see if i’m as big as they say i am.  it is common for preemies to retain some water but it may mean that my medicines need to be tweaked.  i definitely had less apnea and brady episodes today than yesterday.  yippee!


when i was sleeping this morning my duckie was keeping a close eye on me to make sure that i was behaving.  he is one of my best friends.  he likes being in my little house with me.  you don’t see me on my back like this very much.  i don’t particularly like it, but i need to get used to it.  when i go home i won’t be able to sleep on my stomach like i am here because i won’t have any monitors there to make sure i’m breathing ok on my stomach.  daddy also says that if i never lay on my back my head will be long and narrow instead of round so i tried to stay on my back a lot today so i can come home with a pretty round head.  :)  


Picture_016 mommy told me that i looked like a little ski bunny in my hat today.  daddy reminded her that people like us who don’t have much hair need something to keep our heads warm.

thank you for thinking of and praying for me today.  i am doing much better and hope to continue on the same path in the days to come. 

all this writing has made me tired and i have a big day tomorrow.  it’s my 4 week birthday and daddy’s jayhawks play.  nighty night everyone!


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  1. Aunt Kia says:

    When I see you laying on your back with your eyes closed, you look so much like your daddy, my little brother. It’s not a bad thing to look like your daddy because he was such a pretty little boy. I’ll tell you a secret. We used to hold him down and put makeup on him. You could really doll him up.

    All that silliness to say that you are a beautiful little girl. Your cousins can’t wait to see you and they make sure you are in their prayers.
    Love Aunt Kia

  2. Joy Hopkins says:

    Yay!!! I knew today would be better! Keep growing!

  3. Anne Dureka says:

    You are beautiful! I’m excited to watch you grow. Welcome to the world:)

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