sunday april, 13

mommy, daddy and i had a busy weekend.  on friday, mommy, daddy and i spent the morning together.  i weighed 3 lbs 15 oz on this morning.  when i ate with mommy i did a great job.  daddy was there to help put me back in my house but he had to get a little lovin before he put me back. 


even though nobody has told me when i will be ready to go home, dr. alhosni told mommy on friday that he would not let the fact that i may still be on oxygen hold me back from going home.  that kind of makes mommy nervous but she has a friend, michael mchugh, that was also born at 28 weeks who went home on oxygen and he did just fine.  i told her that i would work really hard to ween myself off of the oxygen in the next few weeks so she doesn’t have to worry about it. 

mommy was out of town on saturday at my aunt lindsey’s bridal shower.  i definitely missed her but daddy and i spent the morning together until he had to go to california.  he was so excited to tell mommy that i was 4 lbs and 2 oz.  daddy gave me my bottle saturday morning.  he was really nervous because he hadn’t fed a baby in a long time but we did great.  i took 27 cc’s of my bottle.  my normal feeding is 47 cc’s.  daddy told me i did great.  i even had two big burps.  ;)   yes, girls burp too.  my grandpa charlie kept a close eye on me for a few hours while mommy and daddy were both gone.  he is so funny.  he likes to talk to me and tell me everything that’s going on.  see, i told you it was a busy weekend.  mommy came and saw me as soon as she got back last night.  i wanted to look pretty for her in my little yellow dress.

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e551d043cd883_3 <6a00d8341ce43053ef00e551d044f788338 i may look a little blue in the picture with my yellow dress.  i think i was holding my breath for a little bit.  i’m trying not to do that as much though.  mommy told me how happy she was that i gained so much weight and had such a good day even though she wasn’t there.

today i had another really good day.  i still weighed 4 lbs 2 oz which is ok since i had gained so much weight yesterday.  daddy called mommy and told her how much he missed us.  mommy told me he got to the cardinal game in california.  we were a little jealous but we had a good time of our own.  i was bright eyed and bushy tailed for a long time this morning.  i love when mommy talks to me.  i did so good with my feeding this morning with mommy that the nurse didn’t give me my whole tube feed after.  dr. alhosni said that they will try this from now on.  if mommy thinks i ate really well, she will tell the nurse and they won’t feed me anymore in my tube.  he also told mommy that i can feed with her 3 times a day now.  this is so exciting because it’s one step closer to going home.  the 3 things i need to do well before i can go home is hold my own temperature, eat all of my feedings without my tube while continuing to gain weight and breathe well without apnea’s and brady’s for awhile.  i think i’m well on my way. 


today while i was awake for awhile, i sang happy birthday to grandma donna.  i promised her i wouldn’t tell everyone how old she was though.  ;)  

i need to get ready because mommy is coming back up to see me in a little bit.  have i mentioned yet that when her and daddy hold me it is my favorite time of the day?  i’m glad i got to catch all of you up on my progress this weekend! 

until next time,


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  1. Justin, Michelle & Addi says:

    Not sure if it’s the bald head or what…but Adali you look a lot like your daddy!! Keep up the good work, baby girl. You’ll be home in your own bed before you know it!
    Love You,
    The Sweeney’s

  2. caroline mcdevitt says:

    Dear Adali,
    You are so cute and are growing so much. We were lucky to see your mommy this weekend at Aunt Lindsey’s party – your mommy’s dress was so pretty. We can’t wait until the day we get to see you in person. Keep growing and getting bigger and bigger.
    Lots of love,
    caroline anne mcdevitt

  3. Joy Hopkins says:

    You’re so beautiful!!!

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