thursday april, 3

well today i didn’t have the best of days.  i did gain another 2 ounces, so now i weigh 3 lbs 3 oz, in the 25th percentile!  but mommy noticed right away when she came to see me that i just wasn’t myself.  i didn’t stay awake at all after she would change my diaper or when the nurse would do an assessment on me.  i also had a lot more apnea episodes and even dropped my heart rate quite a few times.  usually i can pull myself up on my own, but today i just couldn’t do it.  mommy would have to open my house and rub my back to get me to bring my heart rate up or breathe again.  i know this is scary for her but i’m still little.  today was a reminder for her that i’m not going to sail right through every day or every milestone.  because i was having a rough day i didn’t stay outside of my house for very long.  we did try to do a feeding without my feeding tube again today and i didn’t have much luck.  i just couldn’t wake up.  mommy took a bunch of pictures of me today but since i wasn’t very interactive, all of them looked the same….me and my monkey, just catching flies.


Adalithursday319_005 mommy took a picture of the monitor that she watches all day long.  the top, green number is my heart rate.  the middle, blue number is my oxygen.  if i am getting help with my breathing you don’t want the blue number to be under 85 or over 95.  if my oxygen levels are too high like it shows in this picture,i can have problems with my eyes.  mommy and daddy don’t want that.  the bottom, white number is my respirations.  if my numbers are too high or too low for any of these, the alarm sounds and mommy and the nurses know to watch and see if i need help.

please pray that tomorrow is a better day for me than today was.  now, back to catching flies.

love, adali

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray that Adali will not have any type of infections. Pray that Adali will soon outgrow the apneas and brady’s and that she would keep a high enough oxygen level (saturation) to come off the oxygen flow. Pray that she continues to grow and that her feedings go well. Pray that her brain and body will develop normally and that there will be no long term complications from being born early. Pray for wisdom and knowledge for all Adali’s nurses and doctors that care for her. Pray for Jastin and Jamie that they would get enough rest and have an increased measure of God’s grace to be at peace in the midst of this situation. Pray that Jamie will continue to heal. Pray for grandparents, family and friends to have faith to hope and to believe and be at peace.

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  1. Katherine Nauman (from the studio) says:

    Jastin and Jamie,

    I just want to congratulate you all on the birth (and growth) of baby Adali! She is such a beautiful little girl! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow through this blog and through the books that I have helped Sana to assemble. Thank you all for sharing your little blessing with all of those around you.

    I will continue to keep you all in my prayers and I will check in regularly! You all are so blessed, enjoy every minute of this time that you all have together as she grows!

  2. Aunt Lindsey says:

    You look just like your favorite Aunt Lindsey sleeping! Don’t worry, I love to catch flies too. I love seeing you say grace before your meals because it is always wonderful to thank God for everything he provides for you, especially your wonderful, loving parents. I can’t wait to see you again this weekend and remember to be good to your mommy and breathe the way you should. Love you!

  3. Katie Thomas says:

    Dear Adali,

    I used to live next door to your mommy and daddy. My brothers, Oliver & Noah still do and they have been giving me updates on you and showed me your website. I am a nurse in a NICU and take care of babies just like you everyday. Don’t worry, you’re doing great! It’s ok to have not so good days sometimes…we all do. Today will be a better day! Keep up the good work Miss Adali Grace and try not to scare Mommy too much, she’s been through a lot, just like you.

    Katie Thomas

    Congratulations Jastin and Jamie! She is beautiful:)

  4. Michelle, Addi and Justin says:

    Beware – TEAR ALERT!!

    A Preemies Prayer -

    God bless the little child behind the plastic wall
    For all She knows is the ringing of the bells and
    the blurred images around her. She has been taken
    from my womb without warning and I long to hold him
    in my arms.

    Lord, I ask in your name that my child be healed.
    I am willing to accept your decision no matter what
    it will be. I am willing to take on the responsibilities
    for caring for this child. I am willing to give this
    child love and understanding no matter the cost.

    Please Lord help me to accept reality and what has
    happened without explanation or warning. Help me
    face the fact that this is not my fault and that
    I was given a special task to complete here on Earth.

    God give my child the strength to make it through another
    second, minute, hour and day as each moment is
    a blessing and a triumph from heaven.

    God, may you give the strength and compassion
    to the caregivers and nurses that take care of my child
    May you keep my child protected and free from all injury
    and pain.

    Please take away the guilt and burden from my heart dear
    Lord. It is heavy and I feel it is all my fault.
    Take it away dear Lord. Sweet Jesus allow me the strength
    and understanding I need to communicate with the Doctors
    and Nurses.

    As you see dear Lord, I am at your mercy for the life of
    my child. Please leave her here on Earth and know that
    I will provide all the love and understanding that
    this child needs. I accept the challenge and will be
    your humble servant dear Lord.

    May God stand by you.
    And know that your family and friends are standing right behind him.
    Love The Sweeneys

  5. Lily Grace says:

    Hi Adali,
    You don’t know me, but my mommy is a new employee at your mommy’s work. When she heard about you, it took her back to last year at this time, when I was just about to enter this world two months early. She usually doesn’t think about those days too often, because now I am an energetic, bright-eyed girl who gets into everything and it’s just so hard to believe that I ever struggled to breathe or take a bottle. But back on April 20th of 2007, I weighed just a little more than you do right now. Mommy would sit and watch my oxygen and heart rate monitors too. And she would cry and wonder what was going to happen to me. And she wondered why everyone else had 8 pound babies so easily. And some days she would feel like it was all her fault, even though I knew it wasn’t.
    I remember when everyone was so excited when I took my bottle, but then I decided I needed a few days off from that and I wouldn’t do it anymore. The doctors said this was normal, but it made mommy feel like she would never get me out of that same hospital that you are in right now. She was wrong though. Because it just took me a little time until everything was working the way it should, and I left the hospital at 4 pounds, 4 ounces. Before we left, the doctors told mommy and daddy to expect that there may be some delays in my motor development, but I have done just fine. I am crawling now and two days ago I pulled myself up in my crib for the first time! I laugh so hard when mommy and daddy get so excited about these things, and you will too.
    Keep fighting Adali, and take it from me – it gets so much better from here! Love, Lily Grace

  6. Hallas says:

    Dear Adali,

    I know you are or will be just like your mom. Given that:

    A) You are a strong person and have the determination to see anything through.

    B) You may be little but you are mighty.

    C) A little confused about how good or bad Illinois basketball and football program really is.

    D) Once you have your mind set on something nothing will stop you. I am sure you will prevail and strive to get rid of what ails you.

    I will be thinking about you and praying for you. Now get better so you can enjoy the KU National Championship Shirt you will have.


  7. Joy Hopkins says:

    You dear sweet baby! We all have days, don’t we? Seems like you need the extra sleep to grow, grow, grow! And I pray you grow out of the bradys and apnea spells. Tomorrow will be a brighter day and you’ll be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed!!! Don’t worry your Momma and stay sweet!

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