monday april, 14

mommy told me about her latest milestone she wants us to accomplish…operation "get rid of toaster head."  most of the pictures that i show you are of me laying on my belly. 


preemies, including me,  tend to be happiest laying on their belly.  because we lay on our tummy’s so much we usually get long narrow heads or "toaster heads."  mommy and i are working hard to get rid of my toaster head and today was a good first step.  i laid on my back for a few hours and did really well.  i also can’t lay on my belly when i come home so this is good practice for my breathing too.  another thing that mommy noticed is that my left foot turns out more than it should.  she talked to the occupational therapist about it today and she said it was probably from laying on my belly in a funny position for too long.  so now mommy has to make sure that i have something in between my feet all the time.  hopefully my foot will turn the right way in a few days. 

today i weighed 4 lbs 3 oz and had one of my best days yet.  i kept my oxygen up all day and did great with all of my feedings.  mommy was worried to leave me last night because i had another episode where my oxygen tubing came unhooked and i had trouble breathing for a long time before they figured it out.  sometimes i wonder what these people are trying to do to me.  they know i’m not ready to be without that stuff.  after i got all hooked back up i got a good night’s sleep so i would be ready for mommy today.  ya know…we have big plans when i get out of here.  today we planned our first shopping trip.  it’s gonna be a doosey!

good night to all of my fellow princesses; addison, avery, kessa, sephine, caroline, clare, lily, estelle, katherine and all the rest of my little pink friends.

~adali grace

p.s. hi daddy!  i miss you and love you so much.      

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  1. Jason, Tracy, Gabby, and Coltin says:

    You are such an awesome little girl. We are all so proud of how you are growing. We can’t wait to meet you. We pray for you every night that you will stay strong and get to go home with Mommy and Daddy soon.
    All our love,
    Jake, Tracy, Gabby, and Coltin Johnson

  2. Katherine Nauman (from the studio) says:

    I absolutely love this picture of Adali! She looks so pretty! It must be all the girly attention that she has been getting since it has just been her and her mommy these past few days! :) Adali, keep up the great work in breathing and eating and you will be so big in no time!

  3. caroline mcdevitt says:

    Dear Adali,
    You are the best baby ever. I hope you get out of the hospital quick and I hope you get better soon. You look so pretty with that beautiful bow in your hair. Adali, I hope I get to meet you soon.
    Love Ya,
    Caroline Anne McDevitt

  4. Joy Hopkins says:

    My little girl started to get flat on one side of her head because she had torticollis (tightening of neck muscles) and couldn’t move her head to a different position.

    It cleared up with some work and now she has a beautiful perfect-shaped head. Good luck with that! It’ll be a piece of cake to fix that up.

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