saturday april, 5

well, daddy just called me to tell me the jayhawks won and are going to the national championship game!!  i figured they had won because i heard daddy yelling all the way from my room and ba-pa all the way from kansas.  that makes my 4 WEEK birthday even that much more special.  mommy and daddy made the day very special for me because they know i have worked hard to grow as big as i have (3 lbs 6 oz).  they sang happy birthday to me and helped me blow out my candle.


daddy held me for a long time today.  we had a little hiccup during cuddle care when i started breathing really hard and nobody could figure out why.  my nurse noticed that my silly oxygen tube had come undone…just showing everyone that i’m not quite ready to do it all by myself yet. 

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e551c0d22a883486a00d8341ce43053ef00e551abdfc688338 after cuddle care daddy put my lucky jayhawk uniform and my pretty blue bow on me. this afternoon daddy decided he better change my diaper when he opened the door to my little house and almost passed out.  mommy tried to warn him that i often have accidents when i get my diaper changed.  he didn’t really listen and i had a few accidents on my pretty little jayhawk outfit.  the nurse thought it was funny that i kept smiling while i was doing it.  mommy just kept taking pictures.  we tried to warn him didn’t we mommy?  ;)   i told him that it was ok because i still had my pretty blue bow in.  he put me in a fun new outfit and i fell right asleep for the rest of the afternoon.  all the excitement today just wore me out.


all of the thoughts and prayers for me are certainly working.  i am continuing to grow big and strong with no signs of infection.  my labs continue to come back within normal ranges and i am getting better with my breathing, holding my heart rate and temperature on my own and feeding with mommy.  before long i will be getting into big trouble…right daddy ?  :)

until tomorrow,


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  1. Erin, Brian, and Avery Geary says:

    Happy 4 week birthday Adali! You have made so many people happy these past 4 weeks. This is the first of many wonderful birthdays you will have…you should know that, not only are your parents amazing cooks, they throw the best parties in STL! Just imagine the celebration when you get to go home from Glennon!

    Keep doing such a good job gaining weight and staying healthy! Everyone is very proud of you :-)

  2. Avery Geary says:

    Hey Adali! I haven’t seen you since you were 3 days old, but I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for getting so big! When my Mommy sees you on the computer I get SUPER excited and yell “BABY!” Then I climb up in her lap and point to your picture as she tells me how you are growing. I get very jealous of your duck sometimes, though. Keep doing such a good job; soon we can play together and I can teach you all my naughty tricks!


  3. Joy Hopkins says:

    Happy 4 Week Birthday! You’re so incredibly adorable. Just to let you know who I am… My mother-in-law is Lindee Hopkins. I married her son, Daniel. The Hopkins family know your family!!! So I come here every single day to hear a report about you. I’m so glad you’re doing so well and I tell all sorts of people your story (usually pregnant women who are fearful of going into pre-term labor). They find your story encouraging. Keep on growing!

  4. Debby Storm says:

    We wanted to send a Happy 4 Week Birthday greeting to Adali and to let her know we are so happy to watch her chubby cheeks continue to get chubbier with every new picture that is posted. We keep her in our prayers to continue with the great progress she is making.

    Just to let you know Adali, I am your soon to be Uncle Adam’s mom and I can’t wait to see you in Effingham. I hope you will be able to make an appearance at Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Adam’s wedding.

    Keep up your hard work at growing bigger and stronger!!!!!!

  5. Anne Dureka says:

    Happy Birthday! I can’t believe how much you have changed in four weeks. I pray for you, your mommy and daddy every day!

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