thursday april, 10

as you can see by my outfit, i’m a princess.  being a princess means you get to do pretty much whatever you want; which includes holding your breath.  i did a lot of that yesterday.  This meant a long day for both me and mommy.  i learned my lesson…i won’t be doing that anymore.  i’m not sure why i was doing it, dad thinks it is cause i’m bored but dr. alhosni thinks it’s because i’m still young, 33 weeks and 1 day to be exact.  when i hold my breath i desat pretty quickly.  sometimes i took care of it on my own but sometimes mommy or the nurse had to "nudge" me.  it seem like a nudge to them but it makes me mad.  I usually start to cry which means i breath.  like i said, i learned my lesson.  i saw how hard it was for mommy and daddy when i did that so i was on my best behavior today. 

yesterday i weighed 3 lbs 12 oz and today i weighed 3 lbs 14 oz.  i may be young, but i’m gettin big aren’t i?  i heard dr. alhosni tell my mom that when i turn 34 weeks old that things will start to turn with my desats and my feedings with mommy.  that is when my brain figures out how to make everything work better.  i tried to tell them that i am already too smart for my own good…i’m a princess, remember!

Picture_007_2 Picture_003_2 no matter which way the nurses turned me today, i was reminding them just who i was.  unfortunately this doesn’t mean that they mess with me any less.  ;)

mommy is coming early tomorrow to feed me so i’m off to count sheep.  please pray that i remember not to hold my breath tomorrow.  sleep tight!


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  1. Todd Antisdel says:


    You have always been a Princess to your Bapa and Gaga! You look very pretty in your new outfit! You just keep growing and be careful not to hold your breath. That scares your mommy and daddy.


    Bapa and Gaga

  2. Princess Addison Danielle says:

    Welcome to the Princess Kingdom!! All of us girls (me, kessa, sephine, avery, etc) have been waiting for you to finally show up! We LOVE being princesses…Great Shoes, Cute Clothes, Fancy Bows (which you totally have down, by the way, rock’n the bows girl!). Being a Princess does actually mean that you get to do WHATEVER you want…just ask my Paw Paw :) Welcome to the club. Before you know it you’re entire closet will be filled with the official Princess color – Princess Pink. Being Princess is fantastic…but you must always remember Mommy is the Queen…and Daddy is the Push-Over) :)
    Love you baby (princess) Adali!!
    Princess Addison

  3. Louis and Jennifer Brunworth says:

    Hey guys, we’ve been following your progress ever since we first heard; thinking and praying about you all especially since we wanted to have spring babies nice and close together! Jen was on an OB rotation at the time and saw way too many early deliveries just like you guys for the same reasons. We are so happy things are going well. We’ll be in STL for Marty’s wedding May 31st. Jen will be 36 weeks at the time and hopefully she gets the ok to come. We would love to see you then (hopefully with everyone out of the hospital). Take care. Love, Lou and Jen

  4. Gwen Greene Anderson says:

    Hi, dear sweet Adali, I have been watching you grow ‘on my computer’ ever since you were a few days old. Your great grandma Hazel gave me your address. I think of you as my great, great niece as your Grandma Sana is sorta my niece. (I was married to your Great-great uncle Jack.) I see your Grandpa and Grandma Antisdel once in a while when I am visitng my two boys and grandchildren in Louisburg. (I live in Olathe.) You are really a fighter, and so pretty too. I know your Mama & Daddy are very proud of you. Wow and now you can drink out a bottle! Pretty cool! I’ll close for now; but I just wanted you to know that I’m watching you and obviously so is God. You have been in my prayers all along. Love, ‘Aunt’ Gweny

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