tuesday april, 1

i took my first bottle today!  no it’s no april fool’s joke, i promise.  for one of my feedings today they took the amount of what my full feeding is (36 cc’s) and put it in a tiny little bottle for mommy to give to me.  they gave me 30 minutes to take as much as i could of the bottle and then they give me the rest of what I did not drink in my feeding tube.  i heard the nurse tell mommy not to get her hopes up, that more than likely i wouldn’t do anything at all.  she obviously didn’t know i was adali grace antisdel.  i loved my first bottle.  i took 9 cc’s all on my own!  mommy had to be careful and look out for signs of distress because i am really young to be trying this.  sometimes when the milk hits the back of my throat it relaxes me too much and i can forget to breathe.  i can also choke a bit since i don’t have my rhythm down yet, but i didn’t.  mommy was so proud of me!


mommy rubs my cheek every once in awhile to remind me to suck on my bottle. 

Picture_023_2_2 Adali41tuesday_021_2_2

  it’s hard to keep it all in my mouth so i drooled a little bit.  i will get better with practice though.  mommy and i will try again tomorrow.  i know i will get better and better until i don’t need my feeding tube anymore.  hopefully this will help me get over 3 lbs.  today i was 2 lbs 15 oz so i’m soooo close.  i will talk to everyone tomorrow.


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  1. Lisa & John Bondurant says:

    Hello, sweet Adali!

    We love reading your blog and keeping tabs on all the big events taking place in your life. How wonderful to hear that you took 9cc of your bottle for your Mommy – that is quite an accomplishment!

    I love the picture at the bottom right – you look so alert and beautiful! The little outfit your Uncle Charlie gave you is precious.

    We can’t wait to meet you in person, Adali, but even though we haven’t, we already love you very much! A lot of our friends and family in Florida and other places are keeping up with you through your blog and are sending up LOTS of prayers for you, your Mommy & Daddy and all the medical personnel caring for you.

    Love, Lisa & John

  2. Chrystal Kiefer says:

    Next stop…McDonald’s!

    So happy the first bottle feeding went well! I’m sure Mommy enjoys it as much as Adali.

  3. Joy says:

    In the first picture you look like you’re smiling!!! Are you so happy to be a “big girl” and take a bottle?! You did SUCH A GREAT JOB! And you’re beautiful just like your mommy!

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