tuesday april, 29


mommy and i haven’t written for a few days because they have been pretty rough.  saturday night was the first night i was being asked to take a bottle every 3 hours.  i did really well for the first 2 feedings but the last one i got tuckered out and dropped my oxygen longer than usual.  i didn’t eat much either.  because of that dr. alhosni decided to increase my oxygen to 1/4 liter while i feed.  he also decided to take away one of my feedings at night to give me more of a break.  you see, it’s a tricky thing to try and balance the amount of calories i get and how hard i have to work to get those calories.  unfortunately, it has been a bit too tricky the past few days.  i have continued to lose weight.  i now weigh 4 lbs 4 oz.  i am down 125 grams or 4 oz since friday.  because of this, dr. alhonsi decided to put my feeding tube back in.  i will continue to feed with mommy during the day and if i’m awake, i will try and take a bottle every 3 hours at night.  what i don’t take by bottle they will give me in my feeding tube.  i just need more time to get stronger and be able to eat enough to gain weight.  it may be a few weeks until we can talk about the "h" word again but i promise to try really hard for all of you. 

i’m still cute though aren’t i?   


adali grace (please pray that mommy and daddy and i have the strength for the rest of this journey).   

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  1. Joy Hopkins says:

    You look just like your daddy! And I’m not talking about the lack of hair at all. Your face looks like his. And bummer about the weight loss! When you’re older you can worry about that… right now gain that weight!

  2. Aunt Kia says:

    We all prayed for you tonight, especially your big cousin Sephine. She took a break from doing her usual silly antics to pray for you before she went to bed. (Tonight she came in ready for dance with the shoulders of her black leotard all cut up. I asked her what happened to her leotard and she told me that she didn’t want long sleeves. A little work with the scissors took care of that. And she decided to wear a tail on her leotard as well.) When you get big enough to play with her, keep in mind that her ideas might just get you in a little trouble.

    You are so dear to our hearts. We love you.

    The Bondurants.

  3. Anne Dureka says:

    I’m praying for you sweetie:)

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