monday april, 7

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it’s official i am the littlest kansas jayhawk good luck charm.  i am going to make this brief because i am SO exhausted from cheering hard tonight.  you could all probably hear my whole family (the kansas one) cheering where you were.  my daddy was pretty excited all day today.  he came this morning and put my pretty blue bow on me again and made sure that he changed me into my lucky jayhawk outfit.  mommy took a picture of us all decked out.


I had another busy day today.  my weight was down today from 3 lbs 8 oz to 3 lbs 6 oz.  we aren’t sure if it was water weight or legitimate weight that i lost but dr. alhosni decided to add some protein to my milk to really help me bulk up.  i get a 1/4 of a teaspoon of protein for 2 of my feedings each day.  hopefully tomorrow when mommy and daddy come, i have gained my weight back.  daddy got to hold me for a little bit this morning and i did much better holding my heart rate and oxygen than yesterday when he held me.  i did really well feeding with mommy as well.  hopefully soon, we will get to try and do it more than once a day.

Picture_019 my mommy’s friend, angie stopped by to meet me.  she got to see me get my first shot today (hepatitis vaccine).  i was such a big girl.  i only cried for a second.  but then i think i got tired and decided to hold my breath for a little bit.  mommy picked me up and reminded me to breathe.  after that i figured it was time for a nap until the big game started.  i slept through my uncle sari and aunt micala visiting.  they haven’t seen me since i was 4 days old.  i am pretty excited to see them tomorrow. 

Picture_017 i hope all my little jayhawk friends enjoyed the game tonight.  and for all of my little fighting illin friends, we will get them next year (geesh, i sound like a cubs fan).


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  1. Landen Carver says:


    My name is Landen and I was born 4 days before you. I just wanted to tell you that my mommy and I read your blog and check up on you every day!

    I knew last night was going to be exciting for you – I’m a big Jayhawk fan too!! Your Uncle Sari and Aunt Micala even brought me a baby Jayhawk outfit to the hospital right after I was born. My daddy is glad you are such a lucky good luck charm and that you helped our team when the national championship. And I think you look very beautiful in your KU gear – a baby after my own heart!

    Please keep getting stronger (and even prettier) every day and maybe soon we can have a playdate when you get to come to Louisburg – we can talk about those fantastic Jayhawks and how crazy daddies can act during sports shows! :)

    Take care and my mommy, daddy, and I all wish you the very best!

    Love, Landen Carver (and his parents Natalie and David)

  2. aubrey willow szepesi says:

    Could she look any more like her daddy?? I think not.
    She’s doing a great job, Jastin & Jamie!! She’s an amazing little angel. The girls & I check in on her every day. You’re all in our thoughts & prayers.
    All our love,
    The Szepesi family

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