wednesday april, 2

mommy came in today when dr. alhosni (my new doctor i told you about) was doing rounds.  he told her that i was now 3 lbs and 1 oz.  can you believe it?  who would have thought that when i got down to 1 lb 10 oz that i would ever be 3 lbs.  i know mommy had a hard time believing it.  remember how i always said that dr. sadiq was pushy and made me do more than most little babies my size?  well dr. alhosni doesn’t normally like to be so pushy, but mommy along with the nurse practitioner was going to make sure that he stuck to our plan, because we all know i can handle pushy people by now.  thank goodness he agreed to stick with mommy and dr. sadiq’s plan so i can get home and see all of you guys.  i am having less and less brady’s and apnea episodes as the days go on and mommy keeps an eye on my oxygen levels all day long to help me ween off of it…shhhh don’t tell the nurses that she messes with the knobs.

since i did so well with my bottle yesterday dr. alhosni wanted me to try taking my food from mommy today.  i did just as well if not better that way than with my bottle yesterday. we will keep practicing until i can take all of my feedings without my feeding tube anymore.  my ga-ga took a picture of me yesterday saying grace before my first feeding.  i may be little, but i pray too.  i pray for all of you that read this, so you stay safe….and see the sunshine in all things everyday.  :)


i wanted to let all of you know that every day mommy reads all of your wonderful comments and emails to me.  please keep them coming because i love to hear them everyday when she is holding me.  some even make me laugh.  sleep tight everyone.



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  1. Joy Hopkins says:

    I honestly cannot get over how incredibly beautiful and perfect you are! I can’t wait to see your smile!!!

  2. Angie Bierman says:

    I am so proud of you Adali!! Keep up the GREAT work. I can’t wait to meet you!!! Give your mommy a great big hug from me. I am praying and thinking of you and your family!!!

  3. Connie Horn says:

    Welcome to the world baby Adali!!! You are so beautiful and getting so big!!! Keep it up! Congrats Jamie and Jastin, you have a beautiful new daughter.

  4. Kessa and Bean says:

    Baby Adali, I love you. You are the best Adali I could ever have. When you come home, I hope you have a great time. That is the End.
    Your Cousin Bean

    I think you are really cute.
    Your cousin Kessa

  5. Doana Hook says:

    You are Amazing, Adali Grace! Growing stronger and more beautiful every day!
    I am so thankful that your Mommy & Daddy are sharing you with us all. I so enjoy reading what your friends and family have to say, and sharing in their thoughts and prayers for you.
    With tears in my eyes and love in my heart, hope to meet you soon!

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