saturday april, 26

this may be the best conversation we have ever had together because i have so much to tell you and it’s all good news.  :)   first, thursday was a much better day for me than wednesday.  i ate well and did really well with my oxygen.  in the morning i went down to 21% oxygen (room air) with a 1/4 liter of flow.  i did so well with that i got to go down to 21% oxygen with an 1/8 liter of flow in the afternoon.  i was totally showing off.  i also found something i liked a lot, my thumb.


mommy and daddy also gave me a bath on 6a00d8341ce43053ef00e55214259388348 thursday night.  it was so much fun, i got to splash around in the water.  daddy got me squeaky clean.


i continued to do great on friday as well.  i lost a bit of weight but not too much.  i was down to 21% oxygen with 1/16  liter of flow in the morning and i did so well with it that they decided to stop my oxygen flow except for feedings.  when i feed mommy puts my canula back on and turns it to 1/8 of a liter at 100%.  This just helps me not get tuckered out when i eat.  i tend to be a poker.  it takes me awhile to eat so this helps give me a boost.  i ate really well yesterday too.  i’m starting to get a hang of all of this baby stuff.  lexi better watch out.  ;)

today mommy and daddy came in early to spend some time with me.  i ate really well and because i have been doing better with my feeds dr. alhosni decided to go full steam ahead and let me feed by myself all 8 times.  YIPPEE!  you know what this means…my feeding tube is gone!

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e552142bcc88348 i have been doing so well the past few days, dr. alhosni has started to talk about the "h" word.  we won’t use it quite yet.  mommy taught me what the word jinx means and i want no part of it.  i heard dr. alhosni say that i could be h*** within the week.  how cool is that!!!!!!  see all of your prayers are really paying off. 

daddy said that they have been getting the house ready for me and are even going out today to buy my car seat.  before i can go h*** i need to prove that i can make it there.  i have to sit in my car seat for 30 minutes longer than it takes for us to make it h***.  remember, i don’t really sit up very much so this will truly be a test for me.  pray i do well.


i mean seriously, how cute am i?  i feel so lucky to be adali grace!  i have so many friends already and can’t wait to keep showing you how i’m doing.  thank you again for all that you have done for me and my mommy and daddy….oh yeah and lexi.  i want to say a special hello to my great grandma bonnie.  i love you grandma bonnie and i hope you are feeling better.  oh yeah…and i  pinky promise to let everyone know the second they tell me that i get to come home.


miss adali grace

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  1. Sara Lebovitz says:

    Wow is she beautiful! I’m so happy to see that she has been doing so well the past couple of days. I’m sending even more positive thoughts your way. And I hope h*** is in your near future;) I can’t wait to meet you Adali Grace!

  2. Joy Hopkins says:

    I can already tell your face has plumped up! You are VERY cute and adorable!!! I hope you get to go HOME soon!

  3. Robert J. Noles says:

    Oh I am so glad to hear the h*** word being kicked around! We’re all standing ready to leap into the air with joy when we can spell that out!

    Huggs to Adali Grace!


  4. Anne Dureka says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you are doing so good! You are lookin’ so cute:)

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