wednesday april, 16

after mommy tells me good morning and gives me a kiss every morning she always tells me what the weather is like.  today she told me it was beautiful outside.  all i can say is that it’s about time.  mommy learned that she needs to make my room bright during the day and dark at night so that i start to adjust to what it will be like at home.  ahhh the "h" word.  I love that word.  here i am when mommy first came in this morning.  i was wide awake and waiting for her. 


yesterday i had lost 40 grams so i was back down to 4 lbs 2 oz.  today i gained 45 grams so i am back to 4 lbs 3 oz.  you will learn that from now on my weight won’t be as predictable as it has been in the past.  it is easier to predict my weight gain when i get all of my feedings by tube feeds, but now i am feeding more and more with mommy so my weight may fluctuate more.  this is perfectly fine as long as i have an overall incline up.  when they did my labs today, they found that my protein was low.  dr. alhosni talked with my dietitian and they decided to increase my "protein shakes" to 3 times a day.  pretty soon i will be benching 200. 

daddy got home today.  yippee.  mommy and i were both excited.  since it was so nice out, they went into a little courtyard at the hospital to hang out while i rested.  they like to goof off and tried to take a picture of themselves.  it didn’t work out very well. 

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e551f05401883_4 after they got back it was time for my 6:00pm feeding with mommy.  i did great…of course.  after my feeding i got to hang out with daddy.  he loves to make me burp.  he taught me how to do it and now he says i may even be better than he is. 

i must have gotten a little cozy once i had a full belly.  looks like daddy did too.  we are, after all, bald headed buddies. 

today was a very good day for me and i am going to try hard to make tomorrow even better…for mommy and daddy and for all of you too.  see ya later alligator.



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  1. Clare McHugh says:

    Dear Princess Adali:

    I so love looking at your new pictures everyday and even though my mommy has told me that my brother and sister were very little and in the hospital for a long time, just like you, they are just fine today!! Sometimes they forget I’m the princess though, so I have to straighten them out! Can’t wait for you to get to go home with your mommy and daddy and don’t worry about that oxygen. My mom said my brother Michael had it for a long time and it was okay too! It didn’t stop him from growing big and strong and smart! So keep up the good work and make your mommy and daddy proud!
    Princess Clare

  2. Julie Newell says:

    Adali Grace, you look fantastic these days. Those protein shakes are doing a body good. By the way, your little bald headed buddies club really is quite extended. You know your Papa Antisdel and Uncle Sari are members of the group too!! I am sure they love having you as the newest member. You stay strong and beautiful little angel. Tell your daddy and mommy we think of you three all the time. Oh yeah, before I forget thanks for being such an outstanding Good Luck Charm for those Jayhawks. They really appreciated it!

    With love and fairy dust,
    Julie Newell

  3. Elise from Network Solutions says:

    Adali –

    You are just so full of life and a great example of why we should cherish every moment we are given like it’s our last. You’re getting so big and will out of that hospital in no time.

    Best wishes for you, Mommy, and Daddy!

  4. Anne Dureka says:

    Dear Princess Adali,
    I’m a princess too. My name is Ashlee. My mommy used to be good friends with your Daddy and your Aunt Kia and Uncle Sari. My mommy and I pray for you a lot. I love your pink bow. I just had my first haircut yesterday and I did so good my mommy bought me a pretty headband. It is pink with hearts on it. Someday when you get older you can wear a headband too. I gotta go eat dinner.
    Love~Princess Ashlee

  5. Joy Hopkins says:

    Ha ha ha ha! YOU ARE TOO PRECIOUS! I loved the picture of you sleeping in your daddy’s arms with your little mouth hanging open!!! SO SWEET!

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