wednesday may, 28 (my original due date) i wanted to share with everyone some videos of my journey so far. it has been an amazing one filled with many battles and just as many joyous celebrations as milestones have been set. it is because of all of you that i am here and doing so [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday may, 27  we have had some fun days lately.  i am awake and interacting more with mommy and daddy so we play a lot more.  because i am getting bigger i am also getting more stamina for my feeds so i’m not so exhausted after i eat each time.  i still need to stay [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday may, 22 < today was a day filled with fun...well not so much.  i had my nicu nursery follow-up appointment today.  this consisted of an eye exam to once again check for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a head ultrasound, an apnea monitor check and just a plan ole' check-up to see how i'm fairing [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday may, 14 on monday mommy and daddy took me for my very first picnic. it was such a nice day, we had so much fun.  there were people flying kites, riding in paddle boats and walking their dogs.  even lexi got to come with us.  she kept watch over me to make sure nobody [ Continue Reading ... ]


to all moms. love and fairy dust, adali grace  


friday may, 9 good morning everyone!  it’s been a fun few days for me, mommy and daddy.  we are pretty confined to the house because my immune system is still very fragile but we are making the most of it.  we watch movies and read books and sing songs…and yes, i sleep a lot. my [ Continue Reading ... ]