wednesday may, 28 (my original due date)

i wanted to share with everyone some videos of my journey so far. it has been an amazing one filled with many battles and just as many joyous celebrations as milestones have been set. it is because of all of you that i am here and doing so well.

way back….this is me shortly after my birth on march 8, 2008 at 10:19 am. you can see what the nurse meant when she said there was a whole lot of love for me…

holding daddy's finger…

daddy…being daddy…

here i am during cuddle care with daddy with my eyes WIDE open…

first days as a fashionista…

nap with daddy…

me in my big girl crib…

home sweet home…

and here i am today… :)

< Duedate

pretty amazing journey so far huh? i can't wait for what's ahead…

love and fairy dust,

adali grace

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  1. Michelle Maul says:

    Oh jeeze-louise! Bad time to watch this at work, now I have to go re-do my mascara! Adali, I’m sorry you had to go through what you did the last 3 months but we’re very happy you’re here! You’re a very cute little girl. And from what I saw on the last video, you’re already giving your mom a hard time…all she’s trying to do is get some good video of you and all you wanna do is cry :) You’ve come a long way Miss Adali and you certainly have a bright future ahead of you! Love and Fairy Dust to you as well, Adali.
    Justin, Michelle & Addison

  2. Grandma Donna says:

    Adali, you make grandma and grandpa so-o-o proud! Watching these videos make us realize more than ever how far you have come. Watching you today brings so much joy! We thank God every day for His blessing in the form of one little miracle that is named Miss Adali Grace. Love you!!! Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Lisa & John Bondurant says:

    Dear Adali,

    We always enjoy the updates to your blog and especially enjoy seeing the pictures that show us how much you are growing. We have said many prayers of thanks to God for sustaining you, your Mom & Dad through all the many hurdles you have been through. You are a beautiful little girl and I know that there is still a whole lotta love surrounding you. We can’t wait to meet you!

    Lots of love,

    Lisa & John

  4. Anne Dureka says:

    Adali- Those videos of you melted my heart. It has been so neat to watch you grow:)

  5. Joy Hopkins says:

    Aren’t you a cutie?! It was so cool to see you in action, not just pictures. I have a feeling that even the videos and pics do not do the justice of just how sweet and adorable you are!!!

  6. Bradie says:

    Hi Adali you are such a cute little girl and I know you will be very spoiled. If you keep giving your mommy and daddy grief they’ll be gray by the time your five ( oh wait that means daddy would have to have hair Ha Ha Ha). I’m so glad you guy’s are doing well keep updating so we can watch you grow.
    Your friend Bradie

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