friday may, 9

good morning everyone!  it’s been a fun few days for me, mommy and daddy.  we are pretty confined to the house because my immune system is still very fragile but we are making the most of it.  we watch movies and read books and sing songs…and yes, i sleep a lot.

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e5521924c088338 my first appointment with my pediatrician, dr. goldenberg was yesterday.  i would say that it was fun, but i would be lying.  he seems like a very nice man but not when he is giving me shots.  i already had one vaccine when i was in the nicu and i got 4 more vaccines yesterday, 3 shots and 1 that they squirt in your mouth.  i know i’m little but i’m not stupid.  if they can do 1 vaccine by mouth how come they can’t do all of them that way?!  dr. goldenberg said that everything looked good and for mommy and daddy to call once a week to update him on how i am feeding.

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e55231486388348 i have a nurse that comes to my house as well.  she comes every few days and listens to my heart, takes my temperature and weighs me.  she just came this morning and i weigh 4 lbs 13 oz.  :)   i am making good progress.  i have essentially been gaining 1/2 ounce a day.  i would like to be gaining 1 oz a day but we will work on it.


this is what mommy and daddy call my birdy face.  i make it ALL the time.   i think it’s funny when they call me little birdy.  mommy also loves my feet so she took a picture so we could show you.  she says they are perfect little piggies.6a00d8341ce43053ef00e552194cd888338

yesterday, daddy took a picture of the girls watching a movie.  i love laying with my mommy and lexi. 


mommy is getting ready to read my daddy’s favorite book, mike mulligan, to me so we will catch you later. 

love and fairy dust,

adali grace

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  1. Angie Lark says:

    She looks sooo great Jaime, the shades are adorable. We’ll keep the prayers comin’

  2. Joy Hopkins says:

    You guys looks so cozy and relaxed cuddly at home on your couch! And I love the birdy face!!!

  3. Anne Dureka says:

    I Love your birdy face, and your piggies are so cute.

  4. April says:

    I just wanted to comment that I think your baby is adorable. She also has the same name as my oldest Son (11 1/2 years old) Adali. I was searching his name, and found your website.
    Congrads on your newborn, and I am sorry for her struggles. Our prayers are alway’s with these little babies like yours. I do hope (hope is for things that ARE to come) that your baby makes a full recovery.

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