wednesday may, 14

on monday mommy and daddy took me for my very first picnic.

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e5522547cc883_2 Picture_019_2 it was such a nice day, we had so much fun.  there were people flying kites, riding in paddle boats and walking their dogs.  even lexi got to come with us.  she kept watch over me to make sure nobody got me. :)   she is the perfect guard dog. 


things are still going well overall since i have been home (minus the cardinals falling to second place behind the cubbies).  remember that i am still only 38 weeks.  i was not due to be born for another 2 weeks.  my feedings are still a struggle.  i can’t have any distractions at all or i’m toast.  i am now needing to eat 55 cc’s every feeding.  sometimes i do it all by myself but it takes me 30 minutes still.  i have been starting to throw up more as well…it’s usually all over daddy too :) .  mommy and daddy have to put vitamin drops in my milk once a day and they don’t always agree with my tummy.  i have only set off the alarm on my apnea monitor twice.  once when i got my shots and once after i got sick.  i dropped my heart rate below 80 both times.  hopefully i can get rid of the monitor closer to what was supposed to be my due date (may 29th) if i don’t set it off anymore.  my nurse comes this afternoon so i will make sure to update you on how much weight i have gained since last friday.  mommy and daddy are hoping i weigh 5 lbs 2 oz.  keep your fingers crossed. 

i am awake more during the day as well.  the time i like being awake is around 9:00 pm.  this is me the other night during my awake time.  some nights i let mommy and daddy sleep more and i only eat every 4 hours but some nights i want to eat every 2 hours…it all depends on what sort of mood i am in.  ;)  

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e5523d249788348     you have come to visit me here over 18,000 times and for that i thank you from the bottom of my big preemie heart.  i have fun talking to you and letting you know how i am doing.  please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because i still have a journey ahead of me…it will be a fun one though, i promise!

i haven’t said hi to all of my princess beauty’s lately…so, hiya! 

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace

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  1. Todd Antisdel says:

    Gaga and I can’t wait to see you again! I like picnics alot, too. Hope we can have one with you soon. You keep growing and behaving for mommy and daddy.

    Bapa and Gaga

  2. Anne Dureka says:

    I’m so excited that you got to go on your first picnic. I love picnics too. I’m praying for you:)

  3. Debby Storm says:

    Adali is so beautiful!!!! It looked like the picnic was a big success. We are happy to know that everybody is doing so good. Keep getting bigger and stronger Adali.


  4. Grandma Donna says:

    We love you Miss Adali Grace

  5. Joy Hopkins says:

    Some babies just like to eat more slowly than others… my oldest daughter was born full-term and took 30 minutes to eat… every… single… time! I know your situation is very different, but to also let you know some little ones just eat slow because they want to as well!!!

  6. caroline mcdevitt says:

    Adali, you area sweetie pie and soooooo cute always!!! Your picnic with mommy,daddy and Lexi looked like so much fun. Hopefully, we will get to go on a picnic together some day soon. Glad to here things are getting better and better. Glad you are home safe and sound with mommy & daddy.

    Caroline McDevitt.

  7. Julie Newell says:

    Oh you guys it looks like you are enjoying having Adali Grace at home with you. It’s so wonderful to see she is doing so well. Jamie, you must be in heaven. I love the pic of the Adali sleeping on you on the couch those are the best times!! Hope you all are enjoying the nice sunny weather, we don’t have that here yet in Chicago!!
    Lots of love,
    Julie Newell

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