tuesday may, 27 

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e5529c1ff08834-350wi we have had some fun days lately.  i am awake and interacting more with mommy and daddy so we play a lot more.  because i am getting bigger i am also getting more stamina for my feeds so i’m not so exhausted after i eat each time.  i still need to stay upright for a bit after i feed to help with my reflux so mommy uses this wrap called a moby wrap to wrap me all up close to her and keep me upright.  it’s perfect to stay close and snuggly to mommy and keep my tummy from hurting. 6a00d8341ce43053ef00e55283776a8833-350wi

I have also gotten to hang out with lexi too.  we are daddy’s little girls.  lexi hadn’t been feeling well lately but now she is back in business!  that means we get to hang out and growl together.  :)   yesterday it was so nice that i got to wear a sun dress.  i like to dress up and get girlie.  pretty soon i will be getting into makeup like my princess friend addison. 

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e552837b028833-500wi one other bit of exciting news is that mommy found a new bottle that i really really like.  it is called the adiri natural nurser.  they are a bit pricey but well worth it for the pleasant feedings i am having.  when i was first starting to feed without my ng tube i was breastfeeding.  and then in order to get me home mommy and daddy switched to bottle feeding.  now that i am bigger and stronger mommy is trying to reintroduce breastfeeding again.  babies that are used to a bottle and then try and switch back to breastfeeding often times get what is called nipple confusion.  this bottle is shaped more like mommy and helps to prevent nipple confusion of most babies that are used to breastfeeding and reject most bottles.  mommy thought that if it worked that way it might also work in the reverse way and reteach me how to breastfeed.  it is working so far.  it has also reduced the amount that i seem to be refluxing and has reduced the amount of gas i get when bottle feeding.  i am now taking full feedings more often without dribbling any back out or vomiting after my feeds.  here is a picture of the bottle after my last feed.  as you can see, i am a member of what mommy and daddy like to refer to as the “clean plate club.”  allllll gone!  amen sister!

tomorrow is when i was supposed to be born so mommy and i plan on showing a video of my first day in the world and me now.  it’s fun to take a look back and see just how far i have come.  until then…


love and fairy dust (and good eatin’),

miss adali grace 

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  1. Aunt Kia says:

    You are so cute. I love you. I hope you are having a great. I’m in Florida at Nana and Dado’s. Tomorrow I’m going home. In a week or so, I will be visiting you.
    Love your cousin

    Adali…tractor…farm….horse….cow….i love that you are home…your cousin chilton

    You are really cute. We’ve been going to the beach and swimming lots. We just met a little cousin here named Emma and played with her. I can’t wait until you are bigger and I can play with you like that. See you soon,
    Your cousin,

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