thursday may, 22 6a00d8341ce43053ef00e55289a51c8834< today was a day filled with fun...well not so much.  i had my nicu nursery follow-up appointment today.  this consisted of an eye exam to once again check for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a head ultrasound, an apnea monitor check and just a plan ole' check-up to see how i'm fairing at home.


here i am getting my eye exam…if you are squeamish, don’t look.  as you can tell by my face, it doesn’t feel very good.  they put drops in my eyes to dilate them, just like you get done when you go to the eye doctor, then they put anesthesia drops in my eyes and put a speculum in my eye to hold it back so the doctor can look in them and see how far the blood vessels have formed toward the front of my eye.  as of right now the blood vessels are completely formed (yeah!) so there are no longer concerns for ROP.  i will have a normal eye exam in 6 months to check for other eye issues that some preemies can develop. they are looking for bleeds that might be on my brain.  here is a picture of my scan that shows no bleeds that are visible (another yeah)!


so, since i haven’t set off my apnea monitor in 2 weeks, i am now free of it.  YIPPEE!  now mommy and daddy can carry me around more.  mommy and daddy talked to dr. darling about my feeding habits.  since we last talked, i have started to reflux pretty badly.  when i am eating i arch my back, turn red, tremble and bite down on the nipple really hard because it hurts so badly.  i am already on pepcid twice a day at .3 ml’s.  i also take 1 ml of mylanta when i am acting like i’m hurting.  mommy and daddy also have to hold me upright for 20-30 minutes after each feed so that i stay upright while my food digests.  they also incline where i sleep to help the food stay down.  however that doesn’t always work and i throw up.  sometime a lot sometimes a little.  all part of being a preemie.  dr. darling suggest that we add 1 tsp of rice cereal to thicken my food and help it stay down.  hopefully all of this starts to work cause acid reflux is no fun…ask mommy.  all in all i am eating enough to gain weight.  i now weigh 5 lbs 8 oz…BIG YIPPEE!  i have essentially gained close to an ounce a day.  hopefully by my original due date, may 29, i will be 6 lbs.  i am now starting to wear newborn clothes too.  :)

another issues that preemies have are hernias.  i actually have 2 hernias.  one is called an umbilical hernia.  this usually heals all on it’s own.  the other hernia i have is called an inguinal hernia.  this is close to my groin and will most likely not go away on it’s own.  because of this i have an appointment to see a surgeon june 2.  we will make sure to keep you updated after we meet with the surgeon.

so, that is how my day went.  all in all it went very well.  mommy and daddy told me that i did GREAT.  i tried to be a very good girl all day.


here are some other fun photos from the past week. 

i know mommy and i deserve a slap on the wrist for not talking with you more this week but we promise to do better this week.  before i go i want to say congratulations to my cousin jill and her soon to be husband, matt.  they are getting married tomorrow and we won’t be able to be there.  i also want to ask everyone to pray for my princess friend avery.  she found out this week that she has congenital cataracts and needs to have a few surgeries on her eyes.  she is a tough little girl but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers because i want her to get better real fast so we can go on walks together. 

to all of my other princesses,

love and fairy dust, adali grace

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  1. sana antisdel says:

    we are so thankful your tests went well. it was so fun to get to come out and see you for a few days.
    to hold you for the first time, kiss your soft skin, tell you i love you, and to have our first dance to some american idol david cook tunes… grandma heaven.

  2. Anne Dureka says:

    Adali- I am so happy to hear that your test went so well. You look like you are growing strong. Enjoy the holiday with your mommy and daddy. I will be praying for you friend avery. Hugs~Anne

  3. Joy Hopkins says:

    Love your glasses, girl!

  4. Ashley Braden says:

    Jastin, Jamie, & Adali -

    After visiting Kia’s photography website and seeing her blog with Adali’s blog/website, I now read Miss Adali’s blog daily. I’m so glad to hear that Adali is getting bigger and stronger with each passing day. She truly is a miracle and she’s such a beautiful baby. I will continue to pray for Adali’s health. Please thank Adali for me, b/c I just LOVE her blogs. She’s such a grown up little girl! :) I love the pictures too! Keep ‘em coming!

    Jamie & Jastin – Could you please e-mail at I have a little gift I’d like to send to you and Adali. Thanks so much!


  5. Avery Geary says:

    Dear Adali,
    Thank you so much for thinking about me and praying for me on your blog. I am totally blind now, and it’s really scary–but as you’ve demonstrated, us Princesses are tough cookies! I am sorry about your reflux. Even though I wasn’t a preemie, I had reflux really badly as an infant (NG tube and hospitalizations, yuck!) and it hurts. Tell your Mommy and Daddy that my parents have a Tucker Harness and incline (Mama called it my “mountain”) if you need to borrow it to stay upright. Glad your tests came back with good news! Soon we will both feel great and take some walks.

    Princess Avery

  6. Llew Rao says:

    I’m so happy to hear that the eye exam went well! Adali looks great, as do her parents!

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