thursday may, 1

i don’t have much time to write because i need to get my rest but i wanted to send a quick note to let you know that just maybe i will get to go home tomorrow.  my mommy and daddy are staying all night with me to feed me, so please pray REALLY hard that i eat well and gain weight tonight so that i can finally go home where i can grow big and strong with my mommy and daddy…and their little dog too.  i passed my car seat test today…yippee!! 


love and fairy dust,

adali grace


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  1. Joy Hopkins says:

    That is SO INCREDIBLY EXCITING!!! I hope, hope, hope you get to go home!

  2. Todd Antisdel says:

    You look even prettier in person than you do in pictures! It was fun watching your daddy trying to figure out the carseat. Lucky Bapa was there to help him. We are praying and waitng to hear about whether you get to go home.


    Bapa and Gaga

  3. Michelle Maul says:

    I really, really, really hope you get to come home today, Adali. Going home happy & HEALTHY!! If for some reason you need to stay another night or two at the hospital your mommy will be disappointed but I promise she definitely will not be mad at you. Your mommy & daddy only want what’s best for you – just like the rest of us. But i pray, pray, PRAY that you’re strong & healthy enough go home TODAY!! We’re all on the edge of our seats!! :)
    Love ya, girl!!
    ps. Congrats on passing the car seat test!

  4. Aunt Lindsey says:

    Yeah for Adali! I have been so busy that I have not been able to talk to your mom or dad very much but Grandma has been giving me many updates. I can’t wait to come visit you on Sunday so I can see how much you have grown. I am done teaching May 21st so I will definitely be visiting more often this summer. We can take Lexi for walks and even go shopping!! But of course that is when you are much bigger and stronger, so keep up the great work so you do can all of these great things soon. Tell mommy and daddy hello and I will see you Sunday. XOXO

  5. Anne Dureka says:

    Congrats on passing the car seat test. You look adorable in it:) I really hope that you got to go home!

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