wednesday june, 18 my surgery was successful and we are back home and i'm resting with daddy now.  we got to the hospital yesterday bright and early.  here i am on the way up to pre-op in my little red wagon. after we checked in they weighed me and took my vitals to make sure [ Continue Reading ... ]


sunday june, 15 to my daddy and all the daddy's out there! my home nurse mariesa, came to visit me for the last time on tuesday.  i weighed 6 lbs 8 oz.  she said that i looked very good and that she was very happy with how far i had come.  she told mommy she would [ Continue Reading ... ]

3 months

monday, june 9 this weekend mommy, daddy and i took our first big trip.  no, not to paris for shopping quite yet.  we went back to where mommy grew up (effingham, il).  mommy and daddy realized that traveling will never be the same now that i am part of the family.  between my stuff, their [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday june, 2 it’s me in my tub (actually it’s the sink but tub rhymes better)!  gotta love bath time!  i think we forgot to tell you that last wednesday when my nurse came she weighed me and i weighed 5 lbs and 11 ozs.  hopefully this week i weigh 6 lbs.  then i will [ Continue Reading ... ]