thursday july, 3

for a few days after my surgery i wasn’t feeling well and got a little dehydrated and lost some weight.  this was hard for mommy and daddy to watch but i’m all better now and as squirmy as ever.  here i am playing with my animals.

last weekend aunt lindsey and uncle adam got married so i was lucky enough to be part of their special day.  it was so fun and so pretty and i am happy to have adam as my uncle now.  while mommy and daddy went to go dance, i had fun playing with my new favorite babysitters morgan, jessica and zach.  they took good care of me and made sure that i had lots of fun.

here are some pictures of me all dressed up for one of the parties for aunt lindsey.

6a00d8341ce43053ef00e553a0624b8834-640wi 6a00d8341ce43053ef00e55384f0e38833-320wi it was such a beautiful weekend and i was so happy to go and show off how big i have gotten.


since i last talked to you i haven’t been weighed so exactly how big i am is a mystery.  i go back for a surgery follow up on monday, july 7th so as soon as i know, i will let you has been a struggle the past few weeks with my reflux.  we are still thickening my milk with simply thick and i am still taking my pepcid twice a day, but for whatever reason, i still vomit a few times a day.  it’s no fun for me, mommy or daddy but hopefully in the next few months it will get better. 

mommy went back to work this week.  it has been tough on both of us.  she was really sad when she had to leave me on monday but grandma donna is watching me while mommy and daddy are at work and she is taking good care of me.

i hope everyone has a very funny 4th of July.  tomorrow is daddy’s birthday so we are gonna have a bbq and celebrate how old he is getting.  :)   i love you daddy.

love and fairy dust,

adali grace 

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  1. Joy Hopkins says:

    What a good grandma to watch you!!! Though how anyone could resist, I don’t know! I hope you’re still gaining weight. You’re so cute!

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