friday July, 18

yeah yeah, i know…i haven’t talked to you lately, but i’ve been busy…vomiting!  needless to say my reflux has gotten considerably worse.  i am now projectile vomiting exorcist style 3-4 feedings out of the day.  sometimes it’s a small amount and sometimes it seems like it’s all 4 ounces that I ate.  mommy and daddy are very thankful that we have hard wood floors in the house.  To try and alleviate the pain and vomiting from the reflux here is what we are currently doing, thickening my food with simply thick (doesn’t seem to be helping), 1 ml of prilosec twice a day 15 minutes before i’m scheduled to eat (doesn’t seem to be helping).  1 ml of mylanta half way through my feed except for when i get prilosec.  mommy, daddy and grandma donna make sure that i stay upright 30-60 minutes after i eat, i prop my bed up when i am sleeping so that gravity helps to keep the acid (and food) down.  obviously there is no “cure” for reflux.  it’s something that we are trying to make as painless as possible until i grow out of it.  as of right now i am still gaining weight but it’s a struggle to make sure i get the 20-22 ounces of food a day.  i now see a pediatric gi so hopefully she can help us get through this tough time.  today i had to have an upper gi done to make sure that when i do eat that i am no aspirating.  this was not my favorite thing in the world by far.

Picture 002      Picture 005

they strapped me too this board fed me a bottle with chalk (barium) and rotated me around using the blue handles as i drank the chalk.  not fun.  the doctor wasn’t very nice so mommy was hoping i would vomit chalk all over him.  didn’t happen.  from what daddy could see of the pictures they took, everything looked ok and was moving down the right pipes.  hopefully that is the last torture i have to endure for awhile.  after the test mommy took me home to feed me a real bottle.  of course, i spun my head around and projectile vomited everywhere. 

ok, enough of the gross stuff.  on to the fun stuff.  i am playing a lot more now.  i like to sit in my swing and watch the animals above me, i like to lay in my crib and watch my mobile and princess mouse. 

Picture 002to make sure that i am gaining weight like i need to be.  she weighs me every tuesday night.  this tuesday i weighed 8 lbs 13.5 ounces, so by today i should weigh 9 lbs.  i’m HUGE!Picture 012

mommy and grandma also makes sure that i am doing everything developmentally that i should be for my adjusted age (7 weeks).  we have tummy time every day where i lay on my stomach.  i can also put some weight on my legs now and am verrrrry close to smiling really big.  right now i smirk. 

Picture 010

i also got to go for my first swim on july 4.  i LOVED it.  no surprise since i love my bath so much.  tomorrow morning mommy, daddy and i leave to go on a little vacation.  we promise to take lots of pictures and update you as soon as we get back.  until then….

love and fairy dust,

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adali grace

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  1. Chrystal says:

    Hi Adali! This is your friend Austin! My mommy has been telling me all about you. She said you are the toughest girl she knows. She also said that some day we get to have a play date at some place called McDonald’s. I’m not really sure what that is, but she swears I’ll love it. Apparently they give you TOYS with your food! I’m saying extra prayers that your reflux gets better. Love Your Friend, Austin

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