friday, august 8

not exactly how i wanted to spend my 5 month birthday but you gotta do what you gotta do.  i am still at the hospital today.  i still am not eating very good at all.  the most i ate at one time yesterday was 2 ounces.  doctor foy said that the nexium i getting my iv once a day really takes about 48-72 hours to take affect.  then i need to realize that when i eat it won't eat like it used to.  this may take a little bit longer and if i don't believe them in the next few days i will need to get a feeding tube put in for awhile.  so really i am not only being treated for my hurting esophagus from the acid that comes up but i am also being treated for my fear of eating.  i am not really afraid of anything (because i am adali grace…duh), i just don't like to hurt.  one of the doctors said i may have control issues…runs in the family i think.  well, it's play time now so time for me to go.

love and fairy dust,

adali grace (not a scardy cat) 

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  1. Chrystal says:

    I believe in you Adali! My mom is always telling me that you aren’t scared of anything! Tell your Mom and Dad to hang in there. We’re sending prayers your way. Love, Austin

  2. Lynda says:

    She’s obviously holding out for fries and a Big Mac. She is a mama’s girl after all ;)

  3. Michelle Maul says:

    “adali grace” is on the google search history on the iPad. I hit that search on accident when googling and this post/link popped up in the search results (must be one of your most popular posts?). I couldn’t help but click the link…and was I amazed, all over again. Absolutely amazed. By your strength, faith and AGA’s unbelievable determination to fight for life. In the back of my mind I remember tid-bits of this journey; we, our families, slowly lost contact after AGA’s birth, rightly so, you and Jastin had one main concern, AGA, and we had challenges in our new life as well (nothing comparable though), after seeing this post I couldn’t help but back track to that unforeseeable day of AGA’s birth, and those tid-bits I remember were magnified a 1000x! She’s one helluva a kid. Her determination at such a very, very young age is, again, unbelievable. And yours and Jastin’s courage and faith and love for this tiny little daughter of yours would leave anyone in awe. She’s a very blessed little lady. As are you and Jastin. Your family is truly one to be looked up to. I continue to hope and pray for adali’s amazing growth, and those 2 tiny little boys you’re cook’n. But I have a feeling that something bigger and stronger has already made sure that your family stays healthy and blessed and loved!

    You guys are amazing!


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