wednesday, august 27

mom, sit down.  the movie is about to start!

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i am growing each day and am doing new and exciting stuff all of the time.  i will recap for you what i like and what i don't like.  who knew i would be so opinionated about EVERYTHING by 5 1/5 months (3 months adjusted).

what adali loves:

1.  attention and lots of it!

2.  being held

3.  getting my diaper changed (weird i know)

4.  kicking anything and everything

5.  when mommy and daddy smile at me

6.  when daddy laughs at my farts

7.  sleeping in my bassinet next to mommy at night (one of the perks of being little for so long)

8.  watching tv (thanks aunt stacy for getting me hooked on cartoons ALREADY)

9.  lilly leapfrog (who knew one toy could bring so much joy to my life)

10.  my feet (how come nobody told me about these things earlier…super cool)

11.  walks with grandma

12.  bath time

13.  the cardinals…GO BIRDS!

what adali hates:

1.  eating (crazy weird)

2.  taking naps during the day

3.  when someone is holding me and they stop moving…even for a second

4.  when the car stops moving

5.  when people i don't know come up to me and get their germy hands all over me (ok that one mommy hates)

6.  when people say "oh look at the little baby" (come on people, I'M HUGE)

7.  eating…oh yeah i said that one already but i really do hate it

all in all i love WAY more things than i hate.

update - as of sunday night i weighed 10 lbs 9 oz.  woooooo hoooo.  that's an ounce a day so far people.  starting last friday i didn't have such a huge appetite but i was still eating ok.  we broke the vomit free streak on tuesday when i got sick that morning.  18 vomit free days in a row for anyone who was counting.  we started over today and so far so good.  mommy and daddy just hope that because i haven't been eating as much and did vomit yesterday that its not a sign that things will get back to where they were. 

Picture 194most of the day i love to play with all my toys.  developmentally, i am kicking a**.  i smile all the time, love to coo (especially when i get my diaper changed), kick my legs.  i have started to grab at things and hold them briefly in my hands and i track people really well with my eyes.  i don't have another eye appointment until december but i told mommy it's going to be a waste of time.  on sunday night i rolled over for the first time.  i kept trying and trying but i couldn't get all the way over.  so, like a baby, i cried.  mommy and daddy kept cheering me on and finally i made it all the way over.  then i hated being on my stomach and cried some more until they put me on my back.  the next task is to roll back over onto my back.

Picture 172

here i am telling raggedy ann all about my day.  thanks, susan for letting her live with me.  i LOVE to talk to her and eat her hair of course.

mommy and daddy told me that they are going to try and take me outside as much as possible while the weather is nice and before RSV  season starts.  then it will be back in hibernation so i don't get sick.  RSV can be a VERY bad thing for preemies.  because of that we won't be having many visitors or going many places.  :(

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i swear i'm not temperamental!

love and fairy dust,

adali grace

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  1. Todd Antisdel says:


    It’s great to see that big ole smile! Hope to see you soon! Keep eating .

    Love Gaga and Bapa

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