tuesday, august 19

the top 6 reasons i am a happy baby

1. (and most important) i am eating about 21 ounces a day right now

2.  i am taking my bottle in less than 30 minutes most of the time

3.  i like the taste of my new medicine and don't mind taking it

4.  i have had 12…yes 12 vomit free days in a row

5.  i weighed 10lbs 3oz on sunday night

6.  i am so darn cute

Picture 125

needless to say, things are looking up.  whether it was the iv nexium that healed my esophagus, or the fact that i am on prevacid instead of prilosec now, or the new (extremely expensive…but princesses have expensive taste) formula i am on…something is working.  i am not as afraid to eat anymore and even let mommy or daddy know when i am hungry once in awhile. 

Picture 076

mommy and daddy took me to see dr. goldenberg, my pediatrcian on friday and he said that everything looks good.  i weighed 9lbs 15oz when we saw him and had gained 2 ounces a day the next 2 days.  i am still not even on the growth chart yet but if i keep moving in the right direction i could be on the chart in a few months.  i was fascinated by my reflection in the mirror and thought that i had a friend that wanted to play with me until daddy told me that it was actually just cute ole me.  Picture 096

here i am with my favorite friend in the whole wide world, lilly leapfrog.  she goes everywhere with me….even in the car.  she counts to me and sings to me.  i play with it so much that mommy and daddy have all of the songs memorized…they just don't sing as well as she does. 

well i am going to go for now but please pray that my medicine continues to work and that i keep eating really well. 

love and fairy dust,

Picture 069

adali grace

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  1. Aunt Lindsey says:

    I love baby rolls, and you of course! I can’t wait to see you this weekend..

    Lots of Love,

    Aunt Lindsey

  2. Todd Antisdel says:

    Way to go Adali! It’s awesome you’re doing so well.Keep up the good eating and keeping it for mommy and daddy!


    Gaga and Bapa

  3. Michelle Maul says:

    Ah-Woo-Who!! That’s such GREAT news!! Yeaaaa!!! I know I’m very hormonal and all right now but it brought tears to my eyes to see how much you’ve imporved. No vomit in 12 days!! That’s AWESOME!! Your signature picture is way freaking cute – smiling and all – Happy Baby! We’re really happy for you guys and it’s such a blessing to see you eating and eating about normal, Adali. The light at the end of this tunnel is very near. Hang Tight and Keep the Faith!!

    The Sweeneys

  4. Michelle Stokes says:

    YEAH!!!! I am so glad you’re doing so well with the new meds and formula. They didn’t have those when I was a baby, so I cried all the time and only ate when I was starving. Keep up the good work!!

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