saturday, august 9

yep, you guessed it, i am still here at the hospital.  the nexium has most likely started to do what it needs to do now i just need to get over the fear that it won't hurt when i eat anymore.  for most of my feeds yesterday i ate 2 ounces.  on one feed i ate almost 3.  this morning i only ate 2 ounces again and threw up a little.  hopefully this does not continue.  even though i hate feeding time, mommy and daddy make the day fun for me and monkey.  we play and laugh and last night we got to watch the opening ceremonies of the olympics.  i watched pretty intently most of the time.

Picture 057

Picture 041

love and fairy dust,

adali grace (future olympic swimmer)

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  1. Michelle Maul says:

    I know you’re not feeling well Adali but the picture of you sitting up in your pink boppy is SOOOOOO freaking KEY-UTE! We hope you’re feeling better today and are putting things in order to go back home…Lexi is for sure missing you! Hope to hear good things from you soon. Love you!

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