thursday, august 14

the past few days have been an eating roller coaster ride.  on tuesday i ate the best i had in a long time (20 ounces total).  yesterday was mediocre (17 ounces).  and today…not so hot (6.5 ounces).  i will try and keep you updated on my weight because that is the best indicator of which direction i am going.  last night when mommy and daddy weighed me i was 9 bs 14oz.  this is not bad considering the intake i have had recently.  mommy and daddy are keeping a close eye on me to make sure that i am not becoming dehydrated either.  we go to the pediatrician tomorrow afternoon and will make sure to let you know how it goes. 

i am having a fun time watching the olympics with mommy and daddy.  they tell me all about the sports and which ones they think i will be good at.  i also like to fly like superwoman.  mommy lifts me over her head and i laugh and smile.  i can't get enough of it.  mommy and daddy also think that i am getting ready to get my bottom 2 teeth.  this could be a factor in why i'm not as hungry but only time will tell. 

please continue to pray that i grow big and strong…and eat!

Picture 089  

yep, i have leg warmers on.  :)

love and fairy dust,

adali grace

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  1. Todd Antisdel says:

    You look very pretty in your outfit. You keep up your eating and you’ll be able to do gymnastics like mommy and maybe even go to the Olympics!

    Love, Bapa and Gaga

  2. Aunt Lindsey says:

    I already have big Olympic dreams for you planned. Chicago is going to get the summer olympics and I am going to watch you win Gymnastics! Once you learn to keep your food down, I will come to St. Louis and teach you some tricks- lets start with a forward roll… I am sure you can already handle that since you already own leg warmers :) Take care and I will see you soon!

    Love Always,
    Your favorite Aunt Lindsey

  3. Michelle Maul says:

    VERY refershing to hear that you’re doing MUCH better. Congrats on the 20 ounces on Tuesday. I’d also like to give a shout out to your double chin and your baby rolls – LOVE THEM! And leg warmers – Look Out! You little flash dancer – Maniac on the floor! Hope your appointment goes well today and you gain more baby rolls :)

    the sweeneys

  4. Hallas says:

    Glad to hear you are eating. You look you are ready to do some floor exercises with your leg warmers on. You might be a gymnist. Keep eating big so you can get strong. This way you can cheer nice and loud for the Jayhawks.

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