tuesday, august 5

a few weeks ago i went on vacation for the first time. we went to Big Cedar Lodge with daddy's family.

Picture 115 we had so much fun. mommy was nervous at first because of my reflux. and yes the first few days i was vomiting a lot but things got better by the middle of the week and i was able to do more stuff.

Picture 006

here I am when we stopped to feed me half way to vacation. we stopped in a bank drive thru. i wanted to show off for the cameras that were watching us so i threw up all over daddy. he even thought it was funny.

Picture 035

here is uncle sari and daddy lounging by the pool. i asked daddy if he would share his sno-cone with me and he wouldn't. meany. i got to lounge by the pool one day too.

Picture 023

i also got to see my cousin Beale. he is 1 month older than me but he's quite a bit bigger. i was afraid he was going to eat me. he kept chomping on his hands every time he would look at me. i love him very much and can't wait until we get to play together.

Picture 050

Picture 042

we left vacation and headed back to st. louis excited for next year when i can wreck havoc on big cedar. one last picture from the way home. we stopped at mcdonalds to feed me. mom wanted to give me a big mac to see if it would stay down better than my formula but she didn't…and she paid for it. i threw up all over her and the car…but as always, i was happy as a lark afterward.

Picture 119

love and fairy dust,

adali grace

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  1. Joy says:

    I’ve been saying it since I first started following your story and I’ll say it again—she is GORGEOUS! What a sweet little girl!

    Having a cousin a month apart is SO MUCH FUN! My daughter is one month younger than her cousin and they are like sisters. We even dress them alike!

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