tuesday, september 23

last friday mommy and daddy took me to see dr. goldenberg.  look at the cool band-aids i got out of the deal (mommy told me to tell you to please vaccinate your babies…it's a good thing)…

Picture 180 i got my 6 month vaccinations.  i am now 23 and 3/4 inches long, i weighed 11 lbs and 11 oz on his scale…and get this…i'm on the chart!  not for weight of course but for height.  i am now in the 3rd percentile for height.  i'm not really even close to being on the chart for weight but hopefully one day i will be.  dr. goldenberg told mommy and daddy that i am 5 months developmentally.  this is great news…i am almost caught up to my actual age.  i may be little but i'm a "big" girl! 

he also wanted me to start to try and eat solid foods.  nothing major, just some rice cereal a few times a day.

Picture 213


before rice cereal…


Picture 215

after rice cereal…

i'm not too sure what i think about it yet.  mommy is hoping that i love eating solid food since i despise taking my bottle.  right now i just like to push it back out of my mouth.  i know mommy though and she will stick to it until i figure it out.  dr. goldenberg said that once i do ok with the rice cereal then i get to move on to other exciting foods like squash…what in the world is squash?

i had an adventurous weekend that i will have to update you on later because now it is time for me to throw a tantrum (gettin' good at tantrums).

love and fairy dust,

adali grace                                             

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  1. Chrystal says:

    Adali, I got shots on Friday too! Your band-aids are way cooler then mine! I don’t know what squash is, but it sounds very intersesting… Love, Austin.

  2. Uncle Sari and Aunt Micala says:

    Wow, you are getting sooo big! We love you lots and miss you! Hugs and Kisses!

    Uncle Rye and Aunt Lala

  3. Michelle Maul says:

    CHUNKY MONKEY!! Look at those thighs girl not sure where you got ‘em. You’re mommy definitely doesn’t have cushion for the push’n. Must’ve been handed down from your daddy :) Very cool to hear that you’re growing, maybe one day you’ll be taller than your daddy!

    Oh the days of rice cereal…I remember them well. If only I could attach a picture of Addison to this comment to show you just how messy it gets (yes, it gets worse…this is why bibs were invented!). Adali, have fun with the rice cereal – but have a blast with the squash!! Those willl be GREAT pictures – squash up your nose, in your eyes, on the floor (“one for me, two for Lexi”). Moving from bottle to cereal (or more solid food) is a HUGE step and a cheaper one!!! Congratulations. Now you’re eligiable for the Clean Your Plate Club – Addison still hasn’t caught onto that club yet.

    Keep up the good work, kid! Love’n us some baby rolls. Sweet band-aids, for sure!!

    the sweeneys

  4. Todd Antisdel says:

    You are growing fast now! It seems like you look different everytime we see you! You’ll get used to all those veggies! I think your daddy still eats like that some of the time! Ha!


    Gaga and Bapa

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