friday, september 26

i have had a few tantrum free days so mommy and i thought it was time to try and tell you about my adventerous weekend.  daddy was in chicago learning about snot so mommy took me back to the town where she grew up in illinois.  on friday we went to the high school football game to watch uncle charlie coachpapa held me the whole game and told me what was going on.

Picture 197 

Picture 244even though the football game was good, i really liked the band, flags and fireworks.  his team won by alot which meant lots of fireworks.  good job uncle charlie.

on saturday, aunt lindsey came over and brought her dog, wrigley.  he's a lot bigger than lexi and barks a lot louder.  she played with me the whole day and even let me play with wrigley.


Picture 232

Picture 224

there was so much fun stuff to do that i didn't want to go to sleep….ever!  on saturday night i stayed up and watched football in g-g and papa's bed instead of taking my bottle and going night night.  sleeping is for the weak i tell you.  i had so much fun last weekend that i didn't want to leave.  i protested by screaming for 45 minutes in the car on the way back home.  mommy promised we would visit again and she better not let me down.

love and fairy dust

Picture 223

miss adali grace antisdel

ps…mommy and i are going to start listing one thing at the end of each time we talk to you that we are thankful for.  right now we are thankful for fall nights….mmmmm don't you love fall nights?

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  1. Michelle & Addi says:

    Addison, i swear, watched the birthday video 10 TIMES this morning. Addison is requesting, if possible, more videos of Adali “talking”. Addi started yelling at me because the other pictures weren’t “talking”. Addi LOVES this blog – thank you again for sharing!


    p.s. we’re thankful for shorter days – earlier bed time!!! :) (Wait, i think Justin & i are thankful for that) Addi’s thankful that her days/evenings at the parks are cooler.

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