wednesday, september 3

last weekend i spent an evening with grandma and papa so mommy and daddy could go to a football game.  remember when i said that i would cheer for illinois for mommy like i cheered for kansas for daddy…well i did and it wasn't enough.  even daddy wearing orange wasn't enough for illinois to beat missouri.  yes, he is still a kansas jayhawk at heart but mommy told him that if he wanted to go to the game, he had to wear orange.

Picture 270

we had a bbq outside while they were gone.  it was such a nice evening and i was so excited to see all of the flowers in the backyard.  papa even picked one for me and put it on my bumbo seat. 

Picture 265

i had an appointment with my pediatric gi yesterday and she said that i look great.  i have had so many vomit free days that mommy and daddy stopped keeping track.  the amount that i eat is still kind of low, but i am still gaining weight so that is what we are concentrating on right now.  on sunday night i weighed 10lbs. 13.5oz.  check out these rolls people…

Picture 276

mommy took this picture of me when i was in the kitchen helping her and daddy make dinner.  really all i was doing was howling at them.  that is totally my new favorite thing to do.  it's not quite a laugh, not quite a coo, but more like a wolf howling at the moon.  and when i'm happy i do it over and over and over again.  i will have mommy take a video of it to show you.  until then…

love and fairy dust,

Picture 250

adali grace  

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  1. Michelle Maul says:

    Looking Good Miss Adali (and happy to see some junk in your trunk)! So happy to hear that your vomit issues are getting better if not about over – Thank God! It’s been a long road come’n. Also happy to hear that your mommy and daddy are starting to get out again. However far and few between those “date nights” are they’re definitely worth it – you kids can be a handfull! Hopefully we’ll get see you before you go into hibernation for the RSV season.
    Love you, Miss you
    The Sweeneys

  2. Michelle Maul says:

    Happy (1 day early)6 MONTH birthday! What a great way to kick off your “half bithday” – Happy & Healthy! You’ve come a long way in the past 6 months, girl. Hard to believe but only 6 more months and you’ll be ONE – we won’t bring that to mom’s attention though :)
    Love You
    The Sweeneys

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