monday, september 29

talking videos for addison (see comments)…

the squeal…

the ordering around of her animals on her mobile…

i had 2 but one won't upload for some reason…check back to see if mommy can get it to work.

update…oh ye of little faith.  my mommy is a genius and got it working.  enjoy.

from one princess to another,


adali grace

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  1. Michelle & Addi says:

    OMG! I can NOT wait to show Addison these videos. I have yet to watch them myself, i’d rather watch them with her, it’s more fun that way. She’s in dance class right now (yes i take my laptop w/ me to dance class…or i’d die of bordem), but believe you me as soon as we get home tonight this is the first thing we’re doing. THANK YOU for the videos – this is totally going to make her evening (as i’m sure the rest of the world loves seeing videos as well!)!!!

    Thanks again, Adali!


  2. Michelle & Addi says:

    Baby Adali,

    Thank YOU for the videos, they are great! I noticed that we have/had the same mobile, that’s pretty cool. The music brought back good memories for my mommy when we watched that video. Your belly is very cute and you have quite the lungs. Also, i’m glad you’re better and not sick anymore. You talk like a baby and it makes me smile. I’ve watched these videos like 3 times now – and i can’t get enough (i think mommmy has though).

    Thank you again baby Adali. I “lub” you. (Addi has a hard time pronouncing the “v” in love – she says it too fast)

    Sweet Dreams
    Addison Danielle

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