wednesday, october 8

my developmental followup yesterday went wonderful…more on that later.

first…eating bananas while naked rocks.

Picture 318 

mommy has had several emails wanting to know how i am doing with my "feeding" issues.  here it goes…i am feeding 6 times a day and my intake is between 20-24 ounces a day.  this is still much below what i should be taking for my age/size (28-31 ounces).  i don't eat very well at the beginning or end of the day which is probably why i'm waking up in the middle of the night again. 

mommy was giving me rice cereal mixed with formula twice a day for about a week when she decided to stop for a little bit because i wasn't that interested and even made myself get sick one time from gagging…that stuff is weird.  last weekend she decided to throw out everything the pediatrician had said which was to do rice cereal for awhile and then start to mix in orange vegetables followed by green vegetables and then fruits, trying each one for 3 days before moving on to the next to make sure that i wasn't allergic to anything.  she decided that since i love my strawberry medicine(prevacid solutabs – 1/2 a tablet twice a day) so much that she would go straight for the sweet stuff and see if i liked bananas.  needless to say, i liked it much better than the cereal, however, i get the real calorie boost from the fortified formula mixed with the cereal.  last night mommy mixed some peaches with the formula and cereal…now that's what i'm talking about.  the neonatologist recommended that we keep trying the rice cereal twice a day to give me a few more calories.  we will stick with it and see where it takes us.  i am still gaining weight slowly but surely so we are just trying to hang on at this point until i am able to eat solid foods that are high in calories.

Picture 330this is me playing last nightafter my appointment at the nicu.  it went very well (after vomiting on several outfits).  they evaluate me based on my adjusted age which is 4 months.  the physical therapist said that i have hit every 4 month milestone and in some cases far surpassed them.  for example, she saw that i can roll over (and over and over) and she said that this is actually a 7 month milestone.  yipppee.  in this picture, i actually started out under my einstein play mat and moved all the way over to the blanket of toys by myself.  yep, i'm mobile folks.  this also means that i have much less interest in sitting up and when i do sit up ,Picture 331i'm too interested in my feet to stay upright so the physical therapist gave us some activities to do to practice sitting up.  she said that i was so good that she doesn't need to see me until i am 1 year adjusted and then they will do the bayley's test for infant development .  i better start studying.  they do want to see me back in about 4 months to evaluate my feeding to see if any further therapy is needed for that.  all in all, im a happy healthy 7 (4 month) old.  mommy and daddy feel so blessed and amazed that i am doing as well as i am.  all we can do is thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your love and support through this journey.

love and fairy dust,

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adali grace

thanks ~ mommy and i are thankful for you…yes you!  you rock!  you have been with me through the hard times and the fun times and we feel honored you are still visiting us and listening to the musings of a 7 month old baby.

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  1. Patty McHugh says:

    Congrats on passing your NICU follow-up with flying colors – YEAH! Looks like you are going to be advanced, just like your mommy and daddy! Kelly, Clare and I loved getting to see you the other day when you were in Effingham. You will have to call us when you come back – it seems we are crazy busy these days and haven’t been hanging out in STL much. By the way, you just keep getting prettier and prettier, like most princesses do! Can’t wait to see you in your Halloween outfit!

  2. Michelle & Addi says:

    Ah-Woo-Who! Congrats on the NICU follow-up…who the heck was worried about you not passing? NOT US!! We know you’re a smart cookie – look at your blogging skills, amazing! And God love your ramblings, by the way.

    Happy 7 month birthday as well – Gosh only 5 more to go and you’ll be a crazy 1 year old. If you go through the 1 year old, no-clothes phase that Addi did you’ll want to be naked ALL THE TIME! (i say this b/c you look pretty comfortable eating your bananas naked!)…Not to mention we’re STILL going through this phase. God lover her. Congrats again, Ms. Adali!


    We’re thankful that our prayers were answered and you’re a happy, healthy, SMART 7 month old (4 months adjusted) :) Aaaaand not to mention thankful for the right to eat bananas naked!!

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